public class


extends BaseObservable
   ↳ com.pdftron.pdf.widget.base.BaseObservable
     ↳ com.pdftron.pdf.dialog.annotlist.AnnotationListFilterInfo

Class Overview

Data class used to represent the annotation filter dialog state.


Nested Classes
enum AnnotationListFilterInfo.FilterState  
Public Constructors
AnnotationListFilterInfo(AnnotationListFilterInfo.FilterState filterState)
Public Methods
void addAuthor(boolean selected, String author)
void addColor(boolean selected, String color)
void addStatus(boolean selected, String status)
void addType(boolean selected, int type)
void clear()
boolean containsAuthor(String author)
boolean containsColor(String color)
boolean containsStatus(String status)
boolean containsType(int type)
void deselectAll()
AnnotationListFilterInfo.FilterState getFilterState()
boolean isAnyAuthorSelected()
boolean isAnyColorSelected()
boolean isAnyStatusSelected()
boolean isAnyTypeSelected()
boolean isAuthorEnabled()
Boolean isAuthorSelected(String author)
boolean isColorEnabled()
Boolean isColorSelected(String color)
boolean isStatusEnabled()
Boolean isStatusSelected(String status)
boolean isTypeEnabled()
Boolean isTypeSelected(int type)
void removeAuthor(String author)
void removeColor(boolean selected, String color)
void removeStatus(String status)
void removeType(int type)
void setFilterState(AnnotationListFilterInfo.FilterState filterState)
void toggleAuthor(String author)
void toggleColor(String color)
void toggleStatus(String status)
void toggleType(int type)
void updateFilterOptions(HashSet<Integer> typeSet, HashSet<String> authorSet, HashSet<String> statusSet, HashSet<String> colorSet)
Inherited Methods
From class com.pdftron.pdf.widget.base.BaseObservable
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public AnnotationListFilterInfo (AnnotationListFilterInfo.FilterState filterState)

Public Methods

public void addAuthor (boolean selected, String author)

public void addColor (boolean selected, String color)

public void addStatus (boolean selected, String status)

public void addType (boolean selected, int type)

public void clear ()

public boolean containsAuthor (String author)

public boolean containsColor (String color)

public boolean containsStatus (String status)

public boolean containsType (int type)

public void deselectAll ()

public AnnotationListFilterInfo.FilterState getFilterState ()

public boolean isAnyAuthorSelected ()

public boolean isAnyColorSelected ()

public boolean isAnyStatusSelected ()

public boolean isAnyTypeSelected ()

public boolean isAuthorEnabled ()

public Boolean isAuthorSelected (String author)

public boolean isColorEnabled ()

public Boolean isColorSelected (String color)

public boolean isStatusEnabled ()

public Boolean isStatusSelected (String status)

public boolean isTypeEnabled ()

public Boolean isTypeSelected (int type)

public void removeAuthor (String author)

public void removeColor (boolean selected, String color)

public void removeStatus (String status)

public void removeType (int type)

public void setFilterState (AnnotationListFilterInfo.FilterState filterState)

public void toggleAuthor (String author)

public void toggleColor (String color)

public void toggleStatus (String status)

public void toggleType (int type)

public void updateFilterOptions (HashSet<Integer> typeSet, HashSet<String> authorSet, HashSet<String> statusSet, HashSet<String> colorSet)