ActionUtils.ActionInterceptCallback A intercept callback for onInterceptExecuteAction(ActionParameter, PDFViewCtrl)  
AnnotationClipboardHelper.OnClipboardTaskListener Callback interface to be invoked when clipboard copy/paste task is finished. 
AnnotUtils.AnnotVisitor Visitor that visits annotations on a single page or in an entire document. 
AnnotUtils.AnnotWithPageVisitor Visitor that visits annotations on a single page or in an entire document. 
AnnotUtils.PageVisitor Visitor that visits pages within a document. 
BasicHeadRequestTask.BasicHeadRequestTaskListener Callback interface to be invoked when basic HTTP download is finished. 
BasicHTTPDownloadTask.BasicHTTPDownloadTaskListener Callback interface to be invoked when basic HTTP download is finished. 
EventHandler.EventListener Listener used to listen for viewer events. 
InlineEditText.InlineEditTextListener Callback interface to be invoked when an interaction is needed. 
ReflowWebView.ReflowWebViewCallback Callback interface to be invoked when a gesture occurs. 
ToolbarActionMode.Callback Callback interface to be invoked when an interaction is needed (see android.view.ActionMode.Callback). 
UserCropUtilities.AutoCropInBackgroundTask.AutoCropTaskListener Callback interface to be invoked when auto crop task is finished. 


ActionUtils A utility class for annotation actions. 
AnalyticsParam A utility class for creating parameters used in Analytics handler  
AnnotationClipboardHelper Helper class for annotation copy/paste  
AnnotationPropertyPreviewView An image view for showing annotation preview based on annotation style  
AnnotUtils A utility class for handling annotation. 
AppUtils A collection of utility functions used for easy setup of PDFNet application. 
BasicHTTPDownloadTask An async task for basic HTTP downloading  
BookmarkManager A utility class for handling bookmarks in PDF  
ColorPickerGridViewAdapter An array adapter for showing colors. 
CommonToast Toast decorator allowing for easy cancellation of notifications. 
Constants A utility classes that contains constant values  
CustomAsyncTask<Params, Progress, Result> A version of AsyncTask class that keeps a weak reference to the context, so the context can be accessed (if still alive). 
DialogFragmentTab Structure of dialog fragment that used in BookmarksDialogFragment as a single tab. 
DialogGoToPage A dialog for going to a specific page. 
Event<T> Used as a wrapper for data that is exposed via a LiveData that represents an event. 
EventHandler Singleton instance class that sends viewer events to any listeners. 
EventHandler.EventType Encapsulates and event type. 
ExpandableGridView A grid view that is expandable  
FavoriteFilesManager Singleton class to manage favorite files  
FileInfoManager Singleton class to manage files defined as FileInfo  
FontAdapter Adapter for fonts  
HTML2PDF Utility class to convert HTML to PDF. 
IconPickerGridViewAdapter An array adapter for showing icons  
ImageMemoryCache This class handles image memory caching to avoid allocating/de-allocating bitmaps by reusing them  
InlineEditText An EditText that can editing inline at PDFViewCtrl  
PageBackButtonInfo A structure which has all information needed to go back/forward to the previous/next page  
PaneBehavior A Coordinator layout behavior that adjusts child view size based on screen size and device configuration. 
PathPool Path Pool Pattern to avoid unnecessary memory allocation. 
PdfDocManager Constants for specifying state of documents  
PdfViewCtrlSettingsManager A utility class helps saving things to SharedPreferences  
PdfViewCtrlTabsManager Manager class for PDFView control tabs  
PointFPool PointF Pool Pattern to avoid unnecessary memory allocation. 
PressureInkUtils Helper class used to create custom Pressure Sensitive appearances for Ink annotations. 
RecentFilesManager Singleton class to manage recent files  
ReflowWebView WebView for Reflow. 
RequestCode Constants which are used in, int, Intent)  
ShortcutHelper A helper class for keyboard shortcuts  
StampManager Singleton class to manage stamp signatures. 
StateListDrawableBuilder A builder class to programmatically create state list drawable  
SwipeDetector A simple swipe detector for View  
ToolbarActionMode Toolbar action mode  
UserCropUtilities A utility class for user crop  
UserCropUtilities.AutoCropInBackgroundTask An async task for auto cropping in background thread  
Utils A general utility class  
ViewerUtils A utility class for pdf viewer  


Logger This is a utility singleton class used to log messages.