CreateBitmapFromCustomStampTask.OnCustomStampCreatedCallback Callback interface for when the bitmap of a custom rubber stamp is created. 
FindTextTask.Callback Callback interface invoked when a pattern is found in the document. 
GenerateHighlightsTask.Callback Callback interface invoked when search highlights are obtained. 
GetTextInPageTask.Callback Callback interface invoked when text in the current page is prepared. 
HtmlPostProcessColorTask.Callback Callback interface invoked when post-processing the color of the specified html is finished. 
LoadFontAsyncTask.Callback A interface for listening finish event  
PDFDocLoaderTask.onFinishListener A interface for listening finish event  
PopulateUserBookmarkListTask.Callback Callback interface invoked when user bookmarks are populated. 


CreateBitmapFromCustomStampTask A class that asynchronously generates a bitmap from a certain custom rubber stamp. 
FindTextTask A class that asynchronously finds a pattern through the document  
GenerateHighlightsTask A class that asynchronously generates highlights for all instances of a specified text in the document  
GeneratePagesTask A class that asynchronously either creates a document with empty pages or inserts empty pages into an existing document  
GetTextInPageTask A class that asynchronously extracts the text of the current page  
HtmlPostProcessColorTask A class that asynchronously generates an html file from the specified html where all its colors are changed based on the given post processor  
LoadFontAsyncTask Async Task for loading fonts in system path.