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Bring accurate, reliable and fast PDF functionality to any application or workflow. Matured for 20 years in the world's most demanding environments, PDFTron’s fully supported PDF SDK is built from the ground up and is not dependent on external third-party open-source software.

Accurate, Reliable & Fast

Have confidence that all documents will output quickly and flawlessly, even at 1GB+ or 10,000+ pages. Display PDFs quickly by streaming individual pages or tiles without a full file download.

Client-side or Server-based

Let users view, annotate, fill forms, and edit PDFs -- all entirely client-side, in a native app or any modern browser, including offline. Embed into any self-hosted Linux- or Windows-based workflow.

Fully Customizable UI/UX

Increase adoption and productivity by simplifying the open source UI. Match your desired look and feel. Hide unnecessary features -- or add custom annotations that trigger workflows.


Testimonial quote
Our primary requirement was, here is a big chunk of demanding PDF files. Can you open them? When we pushed most of these 190 PDFs through PDFTron, we couldn’t find one that didn’t open. And from what I could tell, PDFTron handled the memory issue the best... I absolutely feel we’re in a better position to handle all our present and future PDF requirements.
Testimonial profile
Tony Cornwall
Product and Development Manager, Construction Computer Software (CCS)
Testimonial quote
If somebody were to ask me about a vendor -- on a technical, personal and commercial level -- my advice would be to go with PDFTron. They really removed from our table any concerns about our ability to scale. They really know what they’re doing and they have the experience to support us. It feels good to have someone we know we can stick with.
Testimonial profile
Avshi Segev
Co-Founder and CEO, Kalsefer Digital Solutions
Testimonial quote
One of the biggest things we hear from our customers is how our new solution is really easy to use. With the previous software as complex as it was, customer training was much, much more involved. I would have to run 1.5 hour web demos twice a week to onboard new clients. With PDFTron, each session is half an hour or less.
Testimonial profile
Wayne Wyngaard
Solutions Manager, OEC Graphics

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