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Trusted by thousands of innovative start-ups, governments, and Fortune 500 companies

Best Developer Experience

Build powerful PDF solutions with ease using elegant, well-documented, cross-platform APIs. And tap into all the developer resources you need at any time.

Ultimate Control

Design unique user experiences with fully customizable UI source code at your disposal, backed by a high-performing SDK and secure, stable APIs.

Faster Time-to-Market

Turbocharge your time-to-market by leveraging slick out-of-the-box widgets, and an industry-proven PDF SDK driven by 20 years of innovation.


Accommodate future use cases with the most complete PDF SDK on the market, supporting all major platforms, 30+ file formats, and hundreds of unique features.

All Platforms Supported

The PDFTron SDK is built in-house to bring accurate and reliable rendering to your digital content of any size and complexity. It scales with your goals, as our APIs add Microsoft Office, CAD, and even video collaboration capabilities to your application on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, and the web.

The Most Comprehensive MS Office and PDF SDK

Start with all you need. Add more later.

Annotation & Collaboration

Mark up PDFs, MS Office documents, and other formats with highlights, stamps, and notes. Support real-time collaboration, XFDF, and all PDF annotation types.

PDF Viewer

Reflow content and view even the most challenging PDFs quickly and reliably. Embed ready-to-go controls or create your own by diving into the source code.

Office Document Viewer

Add support for viewing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents to any browser or app -- no conversion or server dependencies required.


High-fidelity direct document conversion from 30+ file formats. Preserve quality, vector graphics, text, hyperlinks, colors, fonts, and metadata.

PDF Form Filling

Support interactive form filling, FDF, and embedded JavaScript. Or programmatically create, pre-fill, sign, extract, and flatten PDF forms.

Edit & Manipulate

Programmatically or interactively insert pages and content, append, split, remove, crop, reorder, rotate, export, edit, and much more.

Annotation & Collaboration

PDF Viewer

Office Document Viewer


PDF Form Filling

Edit & Manipulate

Using PDFTron

PDFTron is easy to get up and running via popular package managers and a few lines of code.

Viewing a PDF

Creating an annotation

Converting to image


The speed at which they integrate is superior to their competition and their product roadmap has been good -- they’ve invested in the right things.

Marcus O’Brien

Global Head of Product Management, AutoCAD

PDFTron had particularly strong annotation and collaboration features, and their cross-platform approach allowed us to accelerate how we delivered products. There are some things I believe we’ll go fu...

Sam Stuart

Senior Product Manager, Bentley Systems

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PDFTron demonstrated superior speed and functionality out of the box. In contrast, the competition took a lot of shortcuts, and it was obvious in the user experience.

Alistair Michener

Founder and CEO, Drawboard

Powered by PDFTron

XODO, PDFTron's showcase app, is the top-rated PDF app in the Google Play Store. Its source code is included in our Android SDK, helping you build amazing apps faster.

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