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2021 at PDFTron in Review

From our most significant strategic growth investment yet to three technology acquisitions, plus dozens of new features and functionalities rolled out across all platforms – 2021 was another thrilling year…

Jan 18 2022


How to Generate DOCX and Save as a PDF

How to Generate DOCX and Save as a PDF In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to generate an Office Word or DOCX document programmatically and then either download it or display it in…

Jan 10 2022


2021 Wrap Up – Our Acquisition Partnerships

The document industry is undergoing a fast transformation, and it's clear, we've got a lot of good things to talk about. Our company has seen two significant growth investments in two years, fueling six…

Jan 4 2022


How to Add PDF Viewing and Editing in Appian Designer

Appian is a powerful, low-code platform that allows you to build complex workflows and apps. In almost every workflow you can fathom, documents tend to play a central role. Knowing this, we’ve partnered up…

Dec 29 2021


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PDF Form Creation, PDF Collaboration Improvements, and More for PDFTron iOS SDK

These last months, we've made continuous improvements to our iOS experience. And in this blog, we recap all the latest and greatest additions bundled into versions 9.1.1 and 9.1.2 of our iOS PDF SDK…

Dec 17 2021


WebViewer Video 4.11 Adds Annotation Previews, Mobile Mode, and Custom Headers

Today, we bring you another major release of WebViewer Video, with expanded features to enable professional annotation and collaboration on videos right in the browser. We’re pretty stoked about these…

Nov 30 2021


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How to Build a Typesafe PDF Viewer with React Native and TypeScript

TypeScript is one of the most popular and fastest-growing flavors of JavaScript, and with good reason: as a superset of JavaScript, TypeScript is easy to learn and ease to use; more importantly, TypeScript…

Dec 16 2021


How to Automate Onboarding Processes in Salesforce Without Reliance on an External Signing Service

Typically, building a professional onboarding workflow on Salesforce requires multiple components and external services to get the job done. But if you're looking to incorporate 100% Salesforce-native…

Dec 3 2021


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Highlights from PDF Days Online 2021

This year for PDF Days we celebrated all things PDF and presented virtually on topics from Content Accessibility For All Screen Sizes to 3D and PDF, and more! Read on for the highlights. PDF Days Online…

Oct 22 2021


PDFTron Acquires PDF-to-Office Innovator Solid Documents

Technology play enhances PDFTron’s definitive offering with best-in-class document reconstruction and archiving VANCOUVER, BC – August 26, 2021 – PDFTron Systems Inc., the world’s leading provider of…

Aug 26 2021


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2021 Wrap Up - Top 5 Cutting-Edge New Features

2021 was another exciting year here at PDFTron. We unveiled several brand new and improved features through dozens of product releases to make your document experience and professional reviews of content…

Dec 14 2021


2021 Wrap Up - Our Best Customer Stories of The Year

2021 was no less challenging than its predecessor. At PDFTron, as elsewhere, we had to adapt our business environment to pandemic uncertainty as we continued in our mission to drive customer success with…

Dec 6 2021


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PDF vs Office Document Workflows: Combining the Strengths of Each Format

PDFTron was pleased to present at the PDF Association's Electronic Document Conference in Seattle, WA, where I compared the use of PDF vs. MS Office in today's document workflows. We covered the full…

Nov 26 2019


A Vision for the Future of PDF

When Adobe Co-Founder John Warnock first proposed his plan for an entirely self-contained universal document format, in the Spring of 1991, he was met with skepticism. One critic is even said to have…

Oct 11 2018


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PDFTron Selected as Canada’s Best Employers for Recent Graduates 2020

PDFTron is once again proud to announce that it has been selected among Canada’s best employers for recent graduates with its addition to the 2020 Career Directory™, a division of Canada’s Top 10…

Jan 8 2020


A Great Place To Kickstart Your Career

Switching careers mid-life can be hard. I embarked on this journey several years ago, when I came back to Canada after a five-year-long overseas teaching adventure. Since then, the BCS program (second…

Jun 21 2019

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