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New Ink Lasso Tool, Compact Toolbar UI, and more with PDFTron 9.0.0 for Android

At PDFTron, we're constantly coming up with ways to make it easier for your users to work on documents, whether they complete tasks on their desktops or from the palm of their hands. And in this latest…

Apr 20 2021


PDFTron Acquires Document Automation Leader Windward Studios

Definitive technology platform extended with dynamic document automation & generation for app developers, integrators and admins Vancouver, British Columbia, April 8, 2021 -- PDFTron Systems Inc., the…

Apr 8 2021


Recover Health Rolls Out a Cross-platform, COVID-safe Form Fill App in just 24 Days

Recover Health is on a mission: To make health care at home safer through innovation Recover Health is a Medicare-certified and industry-leading home health agency. Its 1,500 employees -- including nurses…

Mar 31 2021


PDFTron Acquires PDF3D, the World Leader in 3D PDF Conversion and Collaboration Technologies

PDFTron platform expands with the availability of the PDF3D SDK for developers Vancouver, British Columbia, March 30, 2021 -- PDFTron Systems Inc., the world’s leading provider of document technology…

Mar 30 2021


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Introducing improved Apple Pencil support, support for Swift Package Manger, .xcframeworks, and more

Today we are pleased to announce version 8.1.2 of the PDFTron iOS SDK. This blog post covers 8.1.2 and the 8.1.0/1 releases. Improved Apple Pencil Support Apple Pencil support has been enhanced by adding…

Mar 10 2021


WebViewer 7.3: Introducing client side signature validation

March is upon us and Winter, almost over. Here at PDFTron, we spent these last months not in hibernation but productive innovation. As a result, release 7.3 of the PDFTron SDK-powered and WebAssembly-based…

Feb 22 2021


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Introducing WebViewer Collaboration - Rapid Integration for Document Collaboration

In a pandemic-altered world where digital collaboration has become the norm, providing a seamless collaborative experience to your users on their documents can add a large amount of value to your…

Mar 15 2021


How to Generate a PDF with JavaScript

Many modern web apps need ways to generate PDFs from data. And it doesn’t matter what you intend to create -- invoices, sales contracts, tickets, or certificates -- you’ll often need a method of…

Mar 14 2021


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Highlights from DevWeek 2021 - Do Not Download Your PDF

Hosted this February 17th to 18th, DeveloperWeek is the world’s largest developer and engineering conference. And despite going entirely online it continued as a massive success, bringing 8,500 engineers…

Mar 24 2021


2020 at PDFTron in Review

We will all remember the year 2020. Here at PDFTron, as elsewhere, we had to adapt rapidly to the pandemic-altered business environment. We were fortunate to have strong work-from-home DNA as a company and…

Jan 7 2021


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How Egress Powers “Barrier-Free” Document Features in its Human Layer Security Platform

In today's world, organizations seek to empower their employees to share sensitive information between stakeholders online, such as medical records and financial statements. And helping organizations…

Dec 9 2020


How Drawboard Reinvents Global Design and Construction Team Collaboration using PDFTron

Before Drawboard's Founder and CEO, Alistair Michener worked in software, he was a full-time engineer. His colleagues would conduct design reviews with paper copies, marked up and passed around by hand…

Nov 28 2020


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PDF vs Office Document Workflows: Combining the Strengths of Each Format

PDFTron was pleased to present at the PDF Association's Electronic Document Conference in Seattle, WA, where I compared the use of PDF vs. MS Office in today's document workflows. We covered the full…

Nov 26 2019


A Vision for the Future of PDF

When Adobe Co-Founder John Warnock first proposed his plan for an entirely self-contained universal document format, in the Spring of 1991, he was met with skepticism. One critic is even said to have…

Oct 11 2018


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PDFTron Selected as Canada’s Best Employers for Recent Graduates 2020

PDFTron is once again proud to announce that it has been selected among Canada’s best employers for recent graduates with its addition to the 2020 Career Directory™, a division of Canada’s Top 10…

Jan 8 2020


A Great Place To Kickstart Your Career

Switching careers mid-life can be hard. I embarked on this journey several years ago, when I came back to Canada after a five-year-long overseas teaching adventure. Since then, the BCS program (second…

Jun 21 2019


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