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How to Make FOIA Request and Redaction Workflows 100% Salesforce-Native, Efficient, and Safe

When managing documents on Salesforce, it’s easy to pull, organize, and store them. Still, when it comes to interacting with the document, including editing or filling in information, there are gaps in the…

Oct 13 2021


How to Square the Security, User Experience, and Time-to-Market Triangle

Part 4 in a series for product managers looking to accelerate their time to market when adding new document & digital content capabilities Governments around the world are speaking out in droves about…

Sept 29 2021


How PDFTron Helped Startup Navigate 500% Pandemic User Sign-up Growth

"In PDFTron, we found a partner that isn't going to just disappear. It's a benefit to us to find the most reliable partner in the market, not just because of their insights into several key industry…

Sept 24 2021


Improved Page Manipulation UX with WebViewer 8.1

WebViewer 8.1 brings you even more page manipulation features for adding and rearranging pages in PDF, MS Office, and image files -- performed all client-side in the browser, no servers required. We've…

Sept 17 2021


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New - Custom Styles in Free Text Annotations and More with PDFTron 9.1.0 for Android

We’re excited to announce the release of version 9.1.0 of our Android PDF SDK introducing three powerful new capabilities bound to help your Android users be more productive and do more with their…

Sept 14 2021


Support for DICOM, HEIC and Other Images, Doc Gen from Office Files, Semantic Compare and More with PDFTron SDK 9

PDFTron's 9th release is perhaps our most significant yet. It adds several, utterly new capabilities to the core PDFTron SDK, at the center of the PDFTron platform powering all our SDKs, including our…

Sept 14 2021


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How to Keep Product, Design, and Development in Sync When Implementing a Viewer UI Design

Part 3 of a guide for product managers & leaders to help accelerate their time to market. Once an MVP gets ideated and a pre-built solution or intention to implement one is in place, all teams involved…

Sept 8 2021


Building Offset-Based and Cursor-Based Pagination in GraphQL

Working for PDFTron, I’ve had the pleasure of building various APIs using GraphQL. And one aspect that persists across our projects is the need to retrieve data one page at a time to avoid massive amounts…

Aug 16 2021


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PDFTron Acquires PDF-to-Office Innovator Solid Documents

Technology play enhances PDFTron’s definitive offering with best-in-class document reconstruction and archiving VANCOUVER, BC – August 26, 2021 – PDFTron Systems Inc., the world’s leading provider of…

Aug 26 2021


PDFTron Announces Strategic Growth Investment from Thoma Bravo

VANCOUVER, BC and SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – May 21, 2021 – PDFTron Systems Inc., the world’s leading provider of document technology solutions for software developers, today announced a strategic growth…

May 21 2021


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First Business Bank Fast-Tracks Transformation with Salesforce + PDFTron for Document Generation

“PDFTron helped development in our organization move significantly faster and greatly reduced the time we spent building templates for collecting information,” ~ First Business Bank's Manager of…

Jul 7 2021


Recover Health Rolls Out a Cross-platform, COVID-safe Form Fill App in just 24 Days

Recover Health is on a mission: To make health care at home safer through innovation Recover Health is a Medicare-certified and industry-leading home health agency. Its 1,500 employees -- including nurses…

Mar 31 2021


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PDF vs Office Document Workflows: Combining the Strengths of Each Format

PDFTron was pleased to present at the PDF Association's Electronic Document Conference in Seattle, WA, where I compared the use of PDF vs. MS Office in today's document workflows. We covered the full…

Nov 26 2019


A Vision for the Future of PDF

When Adobe Co-Founder John Warnock first proposed his plan for an entirely self-contained universal document format, in the Spring of 1991, he was met with skepticism. One critic is even said to have…

Oct 11 2018


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PDFTron Selected as Canada’s Best Employers for Recent Graduates 2020

PDFTron is once again proud to announce that it has been selected among Canada’s best employers for recent graduates with its addition to the 2020 Career Directory™, a division of Canada’s Top 10…

Jan 8 2020


A Great Place To Kickstart Your Career

Switching careers mid-life can be hard. I embarked on this journey several years ago, when I came back to Canada after a five-year-long overseas teaching adventure. Since then, the BCS program (second…

Jun 21 2019

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