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How to Build a Flutter PDF Viewer

This guide shows you your options to build a Flutter PDF viewer and your potential best path forward towards a professional solution.

Jan 12 2023


How to Embed PDF Files or a PDF Viewer in an HTML Website

This blog discusses the three options for embedding PDF files or a PDF viewer in a website that are available to you, starting with the simplest and ending with the PDF viewing bells and whistles.

Dec 22 2022


How to Extract Text from PDFs Using Python

A tutorial on how to extract text from a PDF using Python and the PDFTron SDK for machine learning.

Dec 8 2022


How Can I Tell What’s Inside a PDF? Raster, Vector, Text?

Learn about the content types you find in PDFs and discover tricks & toolsfor figuring out what’s inside your PDF – raster, vector, or text?

Nov 24 2022


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Building a BIM 3D Collaboration Solution for Web Applications

WebViewer BIM introduces a new 3D workflow solution to the Web SDK platform so architecture, engineering, and construction teams can collaborate on information-rich 3D models in any web application.

Sept 29 2022


Our Biggest Release Yet: Introducing PDFTron’s Fall 2022 Lineup

Check out what’s new and unique in the PDFTron Fall 2022 Release, packed with additions to the WebViewer JavaScript SDK. Includes desktop-caliber PDF editing in the browser, a new signature solution, a new BIM solution, and much more.

Sept 29 2022


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PDF Rendering and Viewing: What is the Difference?

In this post, learn about the difference between PDF rendering and PDF viewing, and how the PDFTron PDF SDK unpacks your PDFs for display in a viewer application.

Nov 8 2022


Open Source or Proprietary — What PDF Viewer Engine is Right for My Application?

A comparison of PDF viewer library options and tips on how to decide which PDF rendering and viewing alternative is best for your application. Open source or proprietary?

Oct 31 2022


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PDFTron Broadens Leading Document Technology Platform by Acquiring E-signature Innovator eversign

PDFTron acquires European e-sig innovator eversign. Advances PDFTron’s leadership in the end-user market towards a fully versatile, all-in-one document manipulation and signing platform, powered by PDFTron's comprehensive technology suite.

Nov 16 2022


PDFTron Extends EU Presence with Acquisition of PDFlib

Acquisition extends PDFTron's EU market presence two months after recent major purchase of PDF solutions leader, Belgium's iText. Adds additional, enterprise-ready features to PDFTron's broad, international platform.

Jul 7 2022


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2021 at PDFTron in Review

From our most significant strategic growth investment yet to three technology acquisitions, plus dozens of new features and functionalities rolled out across all platforms – 2021 was another thrilling year…

Jan 18 2022


2021 Wrap Up – Our Acquisition Partnerships

The document industry is undergoing a fast transformation, and it's clear, we've got a lot of good things to talk about. Our company has seen two significant growth investments in two years, fueling six…

Jan 4 2022


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PDF vs Office Document Workflows: Combining the Strengths of Each Format

PDFTron was pleased to present at the PDF Association's Electronic Document Conference in Seattle, WA, where I compared the use of PDF vs. MS Office in today's document workflows. We covered the full…

Nov 26 2019


A Vision for the Future of PDF

When Adobe Co-Founder John Warnock first proposed his plan for an entirely self-contained universal document format, in the Spring of 1991, he was met with skepticism. One critic is even said to have…

Oct 11 2018


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How Elma Khandaker Jump-started Her Career in Product Management

Elma Khandaker, Product Manager at PDFTron, explains what brought her to the company and shares some advice on how she set herself up for success in product management. 

Sept 28 2022


Shirley Gong: From Co-op Student to Head of Mobile Applications

Our next employee spotlight is on Shirley Gong, Head of Mobile Applications at PDFTron. She explains what it's like to work as a developer and how she went from co-op student to full-time leader. 

Aug 10 2022

Upcoming Webinar: PDFTron SDK Tech Review | Nov 29, 2022 at 2 pm ET


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