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UI customization for Android viewer

PDFTron SDK is highly configurable and comes with a rich set of APIs which allow developers to customize and manipulate documents in many ways. The following guides will show you the best ways to make your customizations.

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UI components
An introduction to components that can be used to make customizable UI.

Tool hierarchy
An introduction to various tools and there interdependencies.

Set tool mode
To change which tool is selected.

Custom tools
To inherit a tool class to extend and create a custom tool.

Custom view
To add a custom view to a page which is displayed above it.

Quick menu
To use quick menu to conveniently access tools through a drop down style selector.

Custom quick menu
To customize the quick menu by adding or removing tools, changing the display order, or style and theme.

Thumbnail slider
To display pages with a small preview enabling quick page to page navigation.

List container
To display lists across multiple tabs such as annotation list, document outline, and user-defined bookmarks list.

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