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The list container provides a horizontal layout to display the following items in separate tabs:

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The list container is implemented by the BookmarksDialogFragment class. To show this fragment in your activity, create a new instance of BookmarksDialogFragment by calling newInstance(). Afterwards, initialize your fragment by setting the PDFViewCtrl and an ArrayList of DialogFragmentTab:

DialogFragmentTab specifies the information about each tab including the type of class and the tab tag. You can create an instance of DialogFragmentTab using DialogFragmentTab(Class<?>, String). Currently the following dialogs can be displayed within the bookmarks dialog:

DialogType of classTab tag
Annotation listAnnotationDialogFragment.classTAG_TAB_ANNOTATION
Document outlineOutlineDialogFragment.classTAG_TAB_OUTLINE
User bookmark listUserBookmarkDialogFragment.classTAG_TAB_BOOKMARK

The following example shows how to display an annotations list, a document outline, and a user-defined bookmark list tabs in BookmarksDialogFragment:


The BookmarksDialogFragment provides a flexible API for displaying only the desired child view. Any of the annotation list, document outline, or user-defined bookmark list view can be removed by omitting them from the DialogFragmentTabs.