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Sample for Android PDF viewer showcase app

The source code for this sample app can be found in the samples of the SDK package.

The demo shown below is an emulation of the Showcase sample app that comes with the PDFTron Android SDK package. The demo is powered by which runs the native sample app in the browser, however for the best experience the Showcase app should be installed on a local device. Additionally you can try out Xodo from the Google Play Store, PDFTron's top-rated production-quality PDF viewer app built from the ground up using PDFTron's Android SDK.

For the collaboration sample, open this page in another browser to start collaborating.

linkPhone Showcase

linkTablet Showcase

The Showcase app highlights common use-cases and features of the PDFTron Android SDK. Each sample provides an interactive demo of the feature and also includes links to relevant documentation and code samples for developers to easily try out.

linkList of samples

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