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Floating context menukeyboard_arrow_down

Floating context menu

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chevron_rightQuick menu events
chevron_rightHide quick menu items
chevron_rightDisable quick menu

QuickMenu extends RelativeLayout and is a child of PDFViewCtrl. By default, it shows up when a user long presses on a blank space or on text of PDFViewCtrl. It has a maximum of two rows of icons, and an overflow text list.

Long press on blank space
Long press on blank space overflow
Long press on text
Long press on text overflow
To learn about each icon, see the icon cheat sheet.
To learn about how to customize the quick menu, see the customize quick menu guide.

linkQuick menu events

The quick menu has a number of built-in events. For example events will be raised when the quick menu is shown, dismissed or an item is clicked. Thus, you can have custom behavior when a quick menu item is clicked.

If your activity is using PdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment for showing pdf:

Otherwise you can register the ToolManager.QuickMenuListener:

linkHide quick menu items

If there are tools that you would like to remove from the quick menu, you can disable them via the ToolManager.disableToolMode API. For example:

Then, when long pressing on text, you will see:

linkDisable quick menu

If you would like to disable the long press quick menu, you can do so via the ToolManager.setDisableQuickMenu API. For example: