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ElementType Enumeration

Element types

Namespace:  pdftron.PDF
Assembly:  pdftron (in pdftron.dll) Version:
public enum ElementType
  Member nameValueDescription
e_null0undefined element type
e_path1path object
e_text_begin2marks the beginning of a text container
e_text3text object within a text container
e_text_new_line4indicates the start of the new text line
e_text_end5marks the end of text container
e_image6image XObject
e_inline_image7inline image object
e_shading8shading object
e_form9a form XObject
e_group_begin10push graphics state operator (q)
e_group_end11pop graphics state operator (Q)
e_marked_content_begin12marks the beginning of marked content sequence (BMC, BDC)
e_marked_content_end13marks the end of marked content sequence (EMC)
e_marked_content_point14designate a marked-content point (MP, DP)
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