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ContentReplacer Class

ContentReplacer is a utility class for replacing content (text and images) in existing PDF (template) documents. Users can replace content in a PDF page using the following operations: - Replace an image that exists in a target rectangle with a replacement image. - Replace text that exists in a target rectangle with replacement text. - Replace all instances of a specially marked string with replacement string.
The following code replaces an image in a target region. It also replaces the text "[NAME]" and "[JOB_TITLE]" with "John Smith" and "Software Developer" respectively. Notice the square braces ('[' and ']') on the target strings in the original PDFDoc. These square braces are not included in the actual function calls below, as they're implicitly added.
PDFDoc doc("../../TestFiles/BusinessCardTemplate.pdf");
ContentReplacer replacer;
Page pg = doc.GetPage(1);
Image img = Image::Create(doc, "../../TestFiles/peppers.jpg");
replacer.AddImage(page.GetMediaBox(), img.GetSDFObj());
replacer.AddString("NAME", "John Smith");
replacer.AddString("JOB_TITLE", "Software Developer");
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Namespace:  pdftron.PDF
Assembly:  pdftron (in pdftron.dll) Version:
public sealed class ContentReplacer : IClosable

The ContentReplacer type exposes the following members.

Public methodContentReplacer
Create a new ContentReplacer object, to which replacement rules will be added. The same object can be used to 'Process' multiple pages.
Public methodAddImage
Replace the image that best fits 'target_region' with 'replacement_image'.
Public methodAddString
Any text of the form "[template_text]" will be replaced by "replacement_text".
Public methodAddText
All text inside 'target_region' will be deleted and replaced with 'replacement_text'.
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Public methodProcess
Public methodSetMatchStrings
Change the delimiters from '[' and ']' to arbitary strings.
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