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XODOutputOptions Class

A class containing options for ToXod functions
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Namespace:  pdftron.PDF
Assembly:  pdftron (in pdftron.dll) Version:
public sealed class XODOutputOptions

The XODOutputOptions type exposes the following members.

Public methodXODOutputOptions
Creates a new XODOutputOptions instance.
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Public methodSetAnnotationOutput
Choose how to output annotations. Default is e_internal_xfdf.
Public methodSetDPI
The output resolution, from 1 to 1000, in Dots Per Inch (DPI) at which to render elements which cannot be directly converted. the default value is 150 Dots Per Inch
Public methodSetElementLimit
If rendering is permitted, sets the maximum number of page elements before that page will be rendered. the default value is 10000 elements
Public methodSetFlattenContent
Flatten images and paths into a single background image overlaid with vector text. This option can be used to improve speed on devices with little processing power such as iPads. Default is e_high_quality.
Public methodSetFlattenThreshold
Used to control how precise or relaxed text flattening is. When some text is preserved (not flattened to image) the visual appearance of the document may be altered.
Public methodSetJPGQuality
Specifies the compression quality to use when generating JPEG images.
Public methodSetMaximumImagePixels
Specifies the maximum image size in pixels.
Public methodSetOpacityMaskWorkaround
If rendering is permitted, sets whether pages containing opacity masks should be rendered. This option is used as a workaround to a bug in Silverlight where opacity masks are transformed incorrectly. the default setting is not to render pages with opacity masks
Public methodSetOutputThumbnails
Sets whether per page thumbnails should be included in the file the default setting is to output thumbnails
Public methodSetPreferJPG
Where possible output JPG files rather than PNG. This will apply to both thumbnails and document images.
Public methodSetPrintMode
Sets whether ToXps should be run in print mode print mode is disabled by default
Public methodSetRenderPages
Sets whether rendering of pages should be permitted when necessary to guarantee output the default setting is to allow rendering in this case
Public methodSetThickenLines
Sets whether thin lines should be thickened the default setting is to not thicken lines
Public methodSetThumbnailSize
The width and height of a square in which all thumbnails will be contained.
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