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PageSet Class

PageSet is a container of page numbers ordered following a linear sequence. The page numbers are integers and must be greater than zero. Duplicates are allowed.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  pdftron.PDF
Assembly:  pdftron (in pdftron.dll) Version:
public sealed class PageSet : IClosable

The PageSet type exposes the following members.

Public methodPageSet
Default constructor. Constructs 'PageSet' with no pages
Public methodPageSet(Int32)
Construct a set of pages with just one number.
Public methodPageSet(Int32, Int32)
Construct a range of pages.
Public methodPageSet(Int32, Int32, PageSetFilter)
Construct a filtered range of pages.
Public methodAddPage
Add a value to the sequence.
Public methodAddRange(Int32, Int32)
Add a range of values to the sequence. Reverse ordering is legal.
Public methodAddRange(Int32, Int32, PageSetFilter)
Add a range of values to the sequence. Reverse ordering is legal.
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This is not a mathematical set
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