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PDFDraw Class

PDFDraw contains methods for converting PDF pages to images and to Bitmap objects. Utility methods are provided to export PDF pages to various raster formats.
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Namespace:  pdftron.PDF
Assembly:  pdftron (in pdftron.dll) Version:
public sealed class PDFDraw : IClosable

The PDFDraw type exposes the following members.

Public methodPDFDraw
Creates a new PDFDraw instance.
Public methodPDFDraw(Double)
Creates a new PDFDraw instance.
Public methodClose
Public methodEquals
Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
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Public methodExport(Page, String)
Exports a page to an image.
Public methodExport(Page, String, String)
Exports a page to an image.
Public methodExport(Page, String, String, Obj)
Exports a page to an image.
Public methodExportAsStreamAsync
Exports a page to an image as a stream, including header. This stream is can be used in JavaScript's URL.createObjectURL to create a source for an image. If the image is rendered as a bitmap, it can also be used in C# with BitmapImage.SetSource[Async].
Public methodExportAsync(Page, IFilter, String)
Exports a page to an image.
Public methodExportAsync(Page, IFilter, String, Obj)
Exports a page to an image.
Public methodCode exampleGetBitmapAsync
Gets the bitmap for a given page asynchronously.
Public methodGetHashCode
Serves as a hash function for a particular type.
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Public methodGetRawBitmapAsync
Gets the raw bitmap for a given page asynchronously.
Public methodGetSeparationBitmaps
Gets the Separations from the page
Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
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Public methodSetAntiAliasing
Enable or disable support for overprint. Overprint is a device dependent feature and the results will vary depending on the output color space and supported colorants (i.e. CMYK, CMYK+spot, RGB, etc). By default overprint is enabled for only PDF/X files.
Public methodSetCaching
Sets the caching.
Public methodSetClipRect
Clip the render region to the provided rect (in page space)
Public methodSetColorPostProcessMode
Draws the page into a given memory buffer. Set the color post processing transformation. This transform is applied to the rasterized bitmap as the final step in the rasterization process, and is applied directly to the resulting bitmap (disregarding any color space information). Color post processing only supported for RGBA output.
Public methodSetDefaultPageColor
Sets the default color of the page backdrop.
Public methodSetDPI
Sets the output image resolution.
Public methodSetDrawAnnotations
Enables or disables annotation and forms rendering. By default, all annotations and form fields are rendered.
Public methodSetFlipYAxis
Flips the vertical (i.e. Y) axis of the image.
Public methodSetGamma
Sets the gamma factor used for anti-aliased rendering.
Public methodSetHighlightFields
Enables or disables highlighting form fields. Default is disabled.
Public methodSetImageSize(Int32, Int32)
Sets the size of the image.
Public methodSetImageSize(Int32, Int32, Boolean, Boolean)
Sets the image size.
Public methodSetImageSmoothing
Enable or disable image smoothing. The rasterizer allows a tradeoff between rendering quality and rendering speed. This function can be used to indicate the preference between rendering speed and quality. image smoothing is enabled by default.
Public methodSetOCGContext
Public methodSetPageBox
Selects the page box/region to rasterize.
Public methodSetPageTransparent
Sets the page color to transparent. By default, PDFDraw assumes that the page is imposed directly on an opaque white surface. Some applications may need to impose the page on a different backdrop. In this case any pixels that are not covered during rendering will be transparent.
Public methodSetPathHinting
Enable or disable path hinting. Path hinting is used to slightly adjust paths in order to avoid or alleviate artifacts of hair line cracks between certain graphical elements. This option is turned on by default.
Public methodSetPrintMode
Tells the rasterizer to render the page 'print' mode. Certain page elements (such as annotations or OCG-s) are meant to be visible either on the screen or on the printed paper but not both. A common example, is the "Submit" button on electronic forms.
Public methodSetRotate
Sets the rotation value for this page.
Public methodSetThinLineAdjustment
Set thin line adjustment parameters.
Public methodToString
Returns a string that represents the current object.
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This class is available on all platforms supported by PDFNet.
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