ConnectionErrorProc ConnectionErrorProc is an interface for a custom handler that that can be passed into SetConnectionErrorProc. 
CurrentPageProc The Interface CurrentPageProc. 
ErrorReportProc ErrorReportProc is an interface for a custom handler that that can be used to report potential rendering errors in PDFViewCtrl, PDFDraw, or PDFRasterizer. 
FindTextProc The Interface FindTextProc. 
JavaScriptEventProc The Interface JavaScriptEventProc  
ProgressMonitor ProgressMonitor is an interface that an application can use to indicate the progress of a lengthy operation (such as PDFDoc.Save()). 
RequestRenderInWorkerThreadProc RequestRenderInWorkerThreadProc is an interface for a custom handler that issues a rendering request from the UI thread. 
ThumbAsyncHandler ThumbAsyncHandler is an interface for a custom handler that that can be passed into GetThumbAsync. 


Action Actions are typically what happens when a user clicks on a link or bookmark. 
ActionParameter Container for parameters used in handling various actions. 
AdvancedImagingModule The class AdvancedImagingModule. 
Annot Annot is a base class for different types of annotations. 
Annot.BorderStyle BorderStyle structure specifies the characteristics of the annotation's border. 
BlackBoxContext The class BlackBoxContext. 
Bookmark A %PDF document may optionally display a document outline on the screen, allowing the user to navigate interactively from one part of the document to another. 
CADModule The class CADModule. 
CharData CharData is a data structure returned by CharIterator that is used to provide extra information about a character within a text run. 
CharIterator CharIterator is an iterator type that can be used to traverse CharData in the current e_text element. 
ColorPt ColorPt is an array of colorants (or tint values) representing a color point in an associated color space. 
ColorSpace This abstract class is used to serve as a color space tag to identify the specific color space of a Color object. 
ContentReplacer ContentReplacer is a utility class for replacing content (text and images) in existing PDF (template) documents. 
Convert Converter is a utility class used to convert documents and files to PDF. 
Convert.EPUBOutputOptions A class containing options common to ToEpub functions  
Convert.HTMLOutputOptions A class containing options common to ToHtml and ToEpub functions  
Convert.SVGOutputOptions A class containing options for ToSvg functions  
Convert.TiffOutputOptions A class containing options common to ToTiff functions  
Convert.WordOutputOptions A class containing options common to toWord functions  
Convert.XODOutputOptions A class containing options for ToXod functions  
Convert.XPSOutputCommonOptions A class containing options common to ToXps and ToXod functions  
Convert.XPSOutputOptions A class containing options for ToXps functions  
ConvertPrinter The ConvertPrinter class contains static member functions for installing and uninstalling a Windows OS printer for conversion of document formats by the Convert class. 
CubicCurveBuilder The class CubicCurveBuilder. 
Date The Date class is a utility class used to simplify work with PDF date objects. 
Destination A destination defines a particular view of a document, consisting of the following: - The page of the document to be displayed - The location of the document window on that page - The magnification (zoom) factor to use when displaying the page Destinations may be associated with Bookmarks, Annotations, and Remote Go-To Actions. 
DigitalSignatureField A class representing a digital signature form field. 
DigitalSignatureFieldIterator DigitalSignatureFieldIterator is an iterator type that can be used to traverse a list of form fields in a PDF document. 
DisallowedChange The class DisallowedChange. 
DocumentConversion The class DocumentConversion. 
Element Element is the abstract interface used to access graphical elements used to build the display list. 
ElementBuilder ElementBuilder is used to build new PDF.Elements (e.g. 
ElementReader ElementReader can be used to parse and process content streams. 
ElementWriter ElementWriter can be used to assemble and write new content to a page, Form XObject, Type3 Glyph stream, pattern stream, or any other content stream. 
EmbeddedTimestampVerificationResult This class represents the result of verifying a secure embedded timestamp digital signature. 
ExternalAnnotManager The class ExternalAnnotManager. 
Field An interactive form (sometimes referred to as an AcroForm) is a collection of fields for gathering information interactively from the user. 
FieldIterator FieldIterator is an iterator type that can be used to traverse a list of form fields in a PDF document. 
FileSpec FileSpec corresponds to the PDF file specification object. 
Flattener Flattener is a optional PDFNet add-on that can be used to simplify and optimize existing PDF's to render faster on devices with lower memory and speeds. 
Font A font that is used to draw text on a page. 
FontCharCodeIterator FontCharCodeIterator is an iterator type that can be used to traverse a list of visible char codes in a font embedded in PDF. 
Function Although PDF is not a programming language it provides several types of function object that represent parameterized classes of functions, including mathematical formulas and sampled representations with arbitrary resolution. 
GeometryCollection The class GeometryCollection. 
GSChangesIterator GSChangesIterator is an iterator type that can be used to traverse a list of changes in the graphics state between subsequnet graphical elements on the page. 
GState GState is a class that keeps track of a number of style attributes used to visually define graphical Elements. 

Highlights is used to store the necessary information and perform certain tasks in accordance with Adobe's Highlight standard, whose details can be found at

HTML2PDF 'pdftron.PDF.HTML2PDF' is an optional PDFNet Add-On utility class that can be used to convert HTML web pages into PDF documents by using an external module (html2pdf). 
HTML2PDF.Proxy Proxy settings to be used when loading content from web pages. 
HTML2PDF.TOCSettings Settings for table of contents. 
HTML2PDF.WebPageSettings Settings that control how a web page is opened and converted to PDF. 
Image Image class that provides common methods for working with PDF images. 
Image.Compat Compatibility layer for older API. 
Image2RGB Image2RGB is a filter that can decompress and normalize any PDF image stream (e.g. 
Image2RGBA Image2RGBA is a filter that can decompress and normalize any PDF image stream (e.g. 
KeyStrokeActionResult A class that contains information from a KeyStrokeAction  
KeyStrokeEventData KeyStokeEventData contains information for executing KeyStrokeAction. 
OCRModule The class OCRModule. 
Optimizer.ImageSettings A class that stores downsampling/recompression settings for color and grayscale images. 
Optimizer.MonoImageSettings A class that stores image downsampling/recompression settings for monochrome images. 
Optimizer.OptimizerSettings A class that stores settings for the optimizer  
Optimizer.TextSettings A class that stores text optimization settings. 
Page Page is a high-level class representing PDF page object (see 'Page Objects' in Section 3.6.2, 'Page Tree,' in PDF Reference Manual). 
PageIterator PageIterator is an iterator type that can be used to traverse a list pages in a PDF document. 
PageLabel PDF page labels can be used to describe a page. 
PageSet PageSet is a container of page numbers ordered following a linear sequence. 
PathData Contains the information required to draw the path. 
PatternColor Patterns are quite general, and have many uses; for example, they can be used to create various graphical textures, such as weaves, brick walls, sunbursts, and similar geometrical and chromatic effects. 
PDF2HtmlReflowParagraphsModule The class PDF2HtmlReflowParagraphsModule. 
PDF2WordModule The class PDF2WordModule. 
PDFCompat Compatibility layer for older API. 
PDFDoc PDFDoc is a high-level class describing a single PDF (Portable Document Format) document. 
PDFDocGenerator The class PDFDocGenerator. 
PDFDocInfo PDFDocInfo is a high-level utility class that can be used to read and modify document's metadata. 
PDFDocViewPrefs PDFDocViewPrefs is a high-level utility class that can be used to control the way the document is to be presented on the screen or in print. 
PDFDraw PDFDraw contains methods for converting PDF pages to images and to Bitmap objects. 
PDFNet PDFNet contains global library initialization, registration, configuration, and termination methods. 
PDFNetInternalTools The class PDFNetInternalTools. 
PDFRasterizer PDFRasterizer is a low-level PDF rasterizer. 
PDFViewCtrl PDFViewCtrl is a utility class that can be used for interactive rendering of PDF documents. 
PDFViewCtrl.LinkInfo A class that holds information for a link. 
PDFViewCtrl.Selection A class representing the current text selection. 
PDFViewScrollPane A scrolling panel. 
Point The Class Point. 
Print Print is a utility class used to print PDF documents. 
PrinterMode PrinterMode is a utility class used to set printer options for printing PDF documents. 
QuadPoint The Class QuadPoint. 
Rect Rect is a utility class used to manipulate PDF rectangle objects (refer to section 3.8.3 of the PDF Reference Manual). 
Redactor PDF Redactor is a separately licensable Add-on that offers options to remove (not just covering or obscuring) content within a region of PDF. 
Redactor.Appearance Class used to customize the appearance of the optional redaction overlay. 
Reflow The class Reflow. 
Separation Separation contains a memory buffer and CMYK components' information about rasterized separations used in PDFDraw.getSeparationBitmaps() and PDFRasterizer.rasterizeSeparations()

Note: This class is available on all platforms supported by PDFNet. 

Shading Shading is a class that represents a flat interface around all PDF shading types: - In Function-based (type 1) shadings, the color at every point in the domain is defined by a specified mathematical function. 
ShapedText The class ShapedText. 
Stamper Stamper is a utility class that can be used to PDF pages with text, images, or with other PDF content in only a few lines of code. 
StrokeOutlineBuilder StrokeOutlineBuilder is a class used to generate a stroke outline. 
TextExtractor TextExtractor is used to analyze a PDF page and extract words and logical structures that are visible within a given region. 
TextExtractor.Compat Compatibility layer API. 
TextExtractor.Style A class representing predominant text style associated with a given Line, a Word, or a Glyph. 

TextSearch searches through a PDF document for a user-given search pattern. 

TextSearchResult TextSearchResult is used by the TextSearch class for returning a search result. 
TimestampingConfiguration A class representing a set of options for timestamping a document. 
TimestampingResult A class representing the result of testing a timestamping configuration. 
TrustVerificationResult The detailed result of a trust verification step of a verification operation performed on a digital signature. 
VerificationOptions Options pertaining to digital signature verification. 
VerificationResult The result of a verification operation performed on a digital signature. 
ViewChangeCollection Class for collecting changes to a PDFDoc and/or viewer, which can then be passed to various functions to act on. 
ViewerOptimizedOptions A class containing ViewerOptimizedOptions  
WebFontDownloader The class WebFontDownloader.