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What do I do with a "Bad License Key" error?keyboard_arrow_down

What do I do with a "Bad License Key" error?

If you see an error that says:

Bad License Key. PDFNet SDK will work in the demo mode. For more information please see PDFNet FAQ or contact support [at]

It means that the license key may have been copied incorrectly. Please verify the following:

  • Please make sure you’re using the entire key string, but with no whitespace included (i.e. at the end, which can happen when you copy/paste out of an email or the website). For example if your key is YOUR\_PDFTRON\_LICENSE\_KEY, then you would call PDFNet.Initialize(“PDFTRON_LICENSE_KEY”);
  • Make sure you are running on the licensed OS/platform.
  • Also, this needs to be in the first instance of PDFNet.Initialize, and there should be only one call to PDFNet.Initialize.
  • Before any other calls to PDFNet functions, you call PDFNet.Initialize.

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