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Version 8.1.0 Changelog (2020-11-30)

linkNew Features

  • PAdES Digital Signing is now supported. (using the new function DigitalSignatureField.UseSubFilter)
  • Included electron support for versions 6-10 in the pdfnet-node npm package.
  • MSG conversion using Outlook interop is now supported.

linkOther Changes

  • Roughly categorized, not an exhaustive list.


  • [pdf] Prevent Optimizer from throwing exceptions on documents with a corrupt destination nametree.
  • [pdf] Improved time of verification output in Digital Signature Validation to better match other PDF solutions.
  • Updated PDFTron SDK on Linux to be compatible with older versions of Linux. This change allows PDFTron SDK to be compatible with GLIBC 2.9+. (formerly it was compatible with GLIBC 2.17+)
  • [pdf] Will now handle locally served custom webfonts synchronously, automatically using them as a source for font substitutions.
  • [pdf] Performance optimizations for global font caching. Improves font substitution performance on Windows, Linux, and Android.
  • [image] Updated libpng to version 1.6.37.


  • [pdf] Fix for rare divide-by-0 error when blending transparency groups in overprint preview mode.
  • [pdf] More robust treatment of corrupt documents where we are unable to recover any sort of page tree.
  • [office] Fixed an off-by-one error in font coverage ranges, which could lead to poor font selection in isolated cases.
  • [pdf] Initial demo license initialization is now fully thread safe. Previous logic had potential issues when Initialize was called simultaneously from multiple threads.
  • [pdf] Fix for incorrect handling of some text outside of the basic multilingual plane when using ElementReader.
  • [pdf] Match the behaviour of Acrobat reader when handling grayscale images with conflicting ICC and image pixel formats.
  • [pdf] Fix for rendering of images with a black matte when blending edge pixels onto a fully transparent backdrop.
  • [pdf] Improved logic for selecting charmaps from embedded truetype fonts. (in the case when there are multiple viable maps)
  • [pdf] Fixed processing of encoding tables in the case where the font names resemble hex digits.
  • [pdf] Fix for our handling of some JPEG 2000 encoded images where the pixel format in the image has conflicting data.
  • [pdf] Better handling of pre-existing FontConfig configurations on modern Linux systems.
  • [office] Fix for potential incorrect font selection when handling mixed arabic and latin text.
  • [office] Tune substitute font scaling so that we are less likely to end up extreme scaling factors.
  • [office] Better handling of symbolic fonts (eg. wingdings) on systems where we have a poor substitute font selection.
  • [office] Fix for rare crash when processing Excel sheets with text that overflows cell boundaries.
  • [office] Fix for potential crash when handling format strings with particular symbols in the string portion.
  • [office] Better thread safety for internal font metric lookups.
  • [office] Fix for failed doc conversions in some isolated cases where expected parts of the source file are missing.
  • [office] Fix for incorrect scaling of some rotated picture elements.
  • [office] Tuned list indentation for powerpoint files.
  • [pdf] Avoid errors when Optimizing due to direct fonts in the PDF.
  • [pdf] Fixed a memory leak in Digital Signature Verification. This also impacts Secure Timestamping and LTV support since these use Verification.
  • [pdf] Fixed a rare issue where Linearized PDFs could be detected as not linearized.
  • [pdf] Fixed an issue where Digital Signature Verification could disallow certain Long Term Validation updates.
  • [pdf] Fixed issues with Unicode writing ElementWriter APIs in Node.js.
  • [pdf] Updated line annotation appearance generation (used when displaying or creating lines) to better take line dashes into account. Previously the phase would be different than expected.
  • [pdf] When printing the print and hidden annotation flags are now properly taken into account.
  • [pdf] Handle corrupt document where the Annotations entry is not an array in FlattenAnnotations.
  • [pdf] Better handle uncommon fonts with 3 byte charcodes.
  • [svg] Handle corrupt cases where the PDF has graphics state changes in BT/ET blocks for PDF to SVG conversion.
  • [pdf] Updated font Substitution on Apple platforms to handle unicode characters beyond the basic multilingual plane.
  • [xfdf] Fixed a problem where in rare situations extracting XFDF from PDF could produce a document with an incorrect and large font size.
  • [pdf] Long Term Validation support will now update rather than rewriting existing Long Term Validation data.
  • [pdf] Fixed an error with Page.GetBoundingBox which could cause it to malfunction on corrupt documents with mismatched group begin and group end elements within a form. This also had an impact on Page flattening which uses this method.
  • [pdf] Diff.AppendVisualDiff will now better take into account the page rotation and cropping present in the input pages.
  • [xfdf] Simplified the conditions for exporting annotation appearances in XFDF. In particular they will now be included even if that the annotation type is unsupported or certain annotation entries are missing.
  • [pdf] Fix for parsing color from the Default Style (DS) entry. This improves the results after importing certain XFDF files.
  • [pdf] Fixed a memory leak in FilterWriter.WriteBuffer for .Net Core.
  • [xfdf] Fixed a problem where annotations with certain goto actions could fail to match during FDFUpdate.

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