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More full API PDF processing options

Full API is mainly used for PDF processing situations that are not featured using the Standard API. The preferred recommendation is to use the Standard API to address your situation when possible. Standard API is easy to use, loaded by default, and performs best for most situations.


Opening a document
To open a PDF document.

Saving a document
To save a PDF document.

Locking a document
To access a PDF document in a multithreaded environment.

Access a PDF page
To access a PDF page.

Access PDF page content
To access PDF page content.


Import annotations
To import XFDF into FDF, then merge data from FDF into PDF.

Export annotations
To extract data from PDF to FDF, then export FDF as XFDF.

Style properties
To set an annotation style property such as color, interior color, border style, padding, etc to an annotation.

Add sticky note
To add sticky note (text annotation) to a PDF Document.

Add link annotation
To add a hyperlink or intra-document link annotation to a PDF Document page.

Remove annotation
To remove an annotation from a document.


Import forms
To import XFDF into FDF, then merge data from FDF into PDF.

Export forms
To extract data from PDF to FDF, then export FDF as XFDF.

Modify in form fields
To modify in values for existing form fields.


Create a thumbnail
To create a thumbnail image of a PDF page.

Page manipulations

Create a PDF page
To create a new blank PDF page in a PDF document.

Copy/merge PDF pages
To copy/merge several PDF documents into one.

Remove pages
To remove pages from a PDF document.

Rotate a page
To rotate a page in a PDF document.

Crop a page
To crop a page in a PDF document.

Reorder pages
To reorder pages in a PDF document.

Split PDF pages
To split a PDF document into multiple pages.


Extract text from a PDF
To extract text from a PDF document.


Search for text in a PDF
To search for text in a PDF.

Search & Replace PDF Text or Images
To search and replace text or image in a PDF.


Redact from a PDF document
To redact content from a PDF document.

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