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WebViewer is a pure JavaScript library to annotate, view, and edit documents inside all major browsers.

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After you checked out the demo, ran samples and integrated into your application, here are some next steps.

Open a document Load a document, load multiple documents, load WebViewer without a document.

Customize UI
Hide buttons from the header, hide panels, remove print or download options.

Save and load annotations
Save annotations to server, database or merge them onto a PDF. Import/export of annotations in XFDF.

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Work with forms
Programmatically fill forms, extract form field values.

Customize styles
Change colors of the viewer, switch to dark theme.

Collaborate in real time
Enable collaboration in real time to get things done.

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Best practices
Learn best practices when it comes to WebViewer.

WebViewer Server
WebViewer Server increases performance on older browsers including IE9, older mobile devices.

Deploy to production
Only include what you need from the library when you are ready to deploy.

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New to WebViewer?
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Specialized topics