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Open a document

There are a few ways to open a document such as from a URL, a blob, the filesystem, or base64 data. Additionally, there are loading options to help WebViewer determine the type of the file being loaded.

Opening a document in WebViewer from Blob

If your document is already in Blob format you can pass the Blob object directly to loadDocument function.

  .then(instance => {
    // `myBlob` is your blob data which can come
    // from sources such as a server or the filesystem
    instance.UI.loadDocument(myBlob, { filename: 'myfile.pdf' });

    const { documentViewer } = instance.Core;
    documentViewer.addEventListener('documentLoaded', () => {
      // perform document operations

See more WebViewer events such as documentLoaded to understand when to execute API operations.

If you run into any issues loading a document, please visit our FAQ.

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