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JavaScript PDF Annotation Library

In WebViewer annotations can be created both through the UI and programmatically.

Sticky annotation
Figure 1. Sticky annotation created on a document

Annotations allow users to mark up and comment on PDFs without altering the original authors content.

PDFTron SDK Benefits include:

  • Infinite Undo/Redo
  • Support for annotation flattening
  • Support for annotation appearances
  • XFDF Import
  • Export annotations to FDF, XFDF, text, or PDF annotation summary
  • Sticky (Note)
  • Comments
  • Text markup (highlight, squiggly, underline, strikeout)
  • Add shapes (line, arrow, polyline, rectangle, ellipse, polygon, cloud)
  • Cloud annotations
  • Apply freehand ink annotations
  • Signatures
  • Save the annotations into the PDF file
  • File attachments
  • Sound, movie, and 3D annotations
  • Support for custom annotations
  • FreeText, Callout
  • TextHighlight, TextUnderline, TextSquiggly, TextStrikeout
  • Stamp
  • Redaction

linkGet started

Importing and exporting annotations
To import and export annotations with a PDF document.

Add annotations
To create annotations programmatically with a PDF document.

Remove annotations
To remove annotations programmatically with a PDF document.

Add custom annotations
To create custom annotations programmatically with a PDF document.

Flatten annotations
To flatten annotations programmatically with a PDF document.

A short introduction to XFDF file format
An introduction to XFDF file format.

Annotation permissions
To control which users can modify which annotations.

Annotation events/triggers
To listen for annotation events and handle various callbacks.

Annotation tools
An introduction to annotation tools.

Custom annotation tools
To customize annotation tools for grouping, enable/disable, style changes, or behaviour enhancement

Default tool styles
To customize the default annotation style properties of tools.

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