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Annotations and Tools


What are annotations?
List of annotation types
What are tools?
List of tool names

linkWhat are annotations?

Annotations allow users to mark up and comment on PDFs. In WebViewer, they can be created both through the UI and programmatically.

Figure 1. Sticky annotation created on a document

linkList of annotation types

  • Sticky (Note)
  • FreeHand
  • FreeText, Callout
  • TextHighlight, TextUnderline, TextSquiggly, TextStrikeout
  • Line, Arrow, Polyline, Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Cloud
  • Stamp
  • Signature
  • Redaction

linkWhat are tools?

When a user wants to create an annotation, select text or pan around the document they'll use their mouse and keyboard or touch the screen. A tool is just a way of capturing those inputs from the user and doing something in response. Tools automatically funnel user events into handler functions (for example mouseLeftUp, mouseMove, etc) and convert the mouse coordinates into document page coordinates automatically for you.

Annotation tools use the page coordinates to specify annotation properties, like position and dimension. By default, each annotation type has an associated tool, but that doesn't mean a tool can only be associated with one type of annotation. For example, you may have several sticky tools to create sticky annotations with different colors. You can also define a custom annotation and not associate any tool with it, instead creating the annotations programmatically.

Figure 2. Creating sticky annotation using sticky annotation tool

linkList of tool names

  • AnnotationEdit
  • TextSelect
  • Pan
  • AnnotationCreateSticky
  • AnnotationCreateFreeHand
  • AnnotationCreateTextHighlight
  • AnnotationCreateTextUnderline
  • AnnotationCreateTextSquiggly
  • AnnotationCreateTextStrikeout
  • AnnotationCreateFreeText
  • AnnotationCreateCallout
  • AnnotationCreateSignature
  • AnnotationCreateLine
  • AnnotationCreateArrow
  • AnnotationCreatePolyline
  • AnnotationCreateStamp
  • AnnotationCreateRectangle
  • AnnotationCreateEllipse
  • AnnotationCreatePolygon
  • AnnotationCreatePolygonCloud
  • AnnotationCreateDistanceMeasurement
  • AnnotationCreatePerimeterMeasurement
  • AnnotationCreateAreaMeasurement

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What are annotations?
List of annotation types
What are tools?
List of tool names