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Customize iOS document viewer

After you have added PDFTron to your project, learn how to customize it for your app.

linkCustomize a document viewer

PDFTron includes two UIViewControllers (PTDocumentController and PTTabbedDocumentViewController) for presenting documents. To customize their appearance and function, including hiding and adding buttons, see Customizing a Document Controller.

PDFTron also includes a low-level UIView (PTPDFViewCtrl) to present documents. If you are using it, please see Customizing a PTPDFViewCtrl.

linkCustomize how users interact with annotations

To change the way users interact with annotations, including restricting which annotations can be created and edited, see Customizing Annotation and PDF Interaction.

linkCustomize individual controls

PDFTron includes a rich set of controls. They are used by the document view controllers, and can also be used independently. To learn more about them, please see each component's guide/API:

linkCustomize annotation appearances

To change the way an annotation appears, see the Custom Annotation Appearance guide.

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