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User bookmarks list

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chevron_rightShowing a bookmark view controller

The BookmarkViewController class shows a list of user-defined bookmarks that can be used to navigate through the document. The user-defined bookmarks are PDFTron specific features that may not be shown in other PDF viewer apps. If you want to manage PDF bookmarks so that they can be processed in other standard PDF viewers, see the outline view controller guide.

The user bookmarks control is part of the Tools library, so make sure you have added the Tools library to your project.

linkShowing a bookmark view controller

To create a new bookmark view controller instance and display it from another view controller, supply a PTPDFViewCtrl instance to the BookmarkViewController designated initializer:

The bookmark view controller must be pushed onto a navigation controller's stack before being shown.

You can set a delegate to be notified by the bookmark view controller when bookmarks are selected with the BookmarkViewControllerDelegate protocol. (See the CompleteReader example for usage of a BookmarkViewController.