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When you download the PDFTron SDK for Android, it contains three packages with the following main components:

DocumentActivityToolsThis all-in-one document reader and PDF editor is a feature rich component that is highly configurable for you to use directly in your application. To customize the viewer UI, see the viewer configuration guide.
PDFViewCtrlPDFTron coreThe key component of DocumentActivity responsible for document rendering. It gives you full control over the view hierarchy to allow you to build a document viewer that is unique to your application.
Interactive annotation toolsToolsThe key component of DocumentActivity responsible for interactively creating/modifying/deleting annotations, filling forms, signing, selecting text, following links, and playing multimedia etc. It is managed by a ToolManager class. To customize ToolManager behaviour, see the ToolManager configuration guide.
Interactive UI componentsToolsThe key component of DocumentActivity responsible for other interactive features such as reflow, document outline, list of annotations, page manipulation, and page cropping etc.
File manager UIDemoThis sample app shows how to use PDFTron API to build a file management app with the ability to show cover page thumbnail, merge multiple documents into one, and open from different file sources etc.

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