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pdftron::PDF::Optimizer Class Reference

#include <Optimizer.h>

Public Types

typedef pdftron::PDF::ImageSettings ImageSettings
typedef pdftron::PDF::TextSettings TextSettings

Static Public Member Functions

static void Optimize (PDFDoc &doc, const OptimizerSettings &settings)
static void Optimize (PDFDoc &doc)

Detailed Description

The Optimizer class provides functionality for optimizing/shrinking output PDF files.

'pdftron.PDF.Optimizer' is an optional PDFNet Add-On utility class that can be used to optimize PDF documents by reducing the file size, removing redundant information, and compressing data streams using the latest in image compression technology. PDF Optimizer can compress and shrink PDF file size with the following operations:

  • Remove duplicated fonts, images, ICC profiles, and any other data stream.
  • Optionally convert high-quality or print-ready PDF files to small, efficient and web-ready PDF.
  • Optionally down-sample large images to a given resolution.
  • Optionally compress or recompress PDF images using JBIG2 and JPEG2000 compression formats.
  • Compress uncompressed streams and remove unused PDF objects.
'Optimizer' is available as a separately licensable add-on to PDFNet core license.
See 'pdftron.PDF.Flattener' for alternate approach to optimize PDFs for fast viewing on mobile devices and the Web.

Definition at line 41 of file Optimizer.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Member Function Documentation

static void pdftron::PDF::Optimizer::Optimize ( PDFDoc doc,
const OptimizerSettings settings 

Optimize the given document using the optimizers settings

docthe document to optimize
color_image_settingsthe image processing settings for color images
grayscale_image_settingsthe image processing settings for grayscale images
mono_image_settingsthe image processing settings for monochrome images
static void pdftron::PDF::Optimizer::Optimize ( PDFDoc doc)

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