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pdftron::PDF::TextSettings Class Reference

#include <Optimizer.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for pdftron::PDF::TextSettings:

Public Member Functions

 TextSettings ()
void SubsetFonts (bool subset)
void EmbedFonts (bool embed)

Detailed Description

A class that stores image text optimization settings.

Definition at line 231 of file Optimizer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::PDF::TextSettings::TextSettings ( )

create an TextSettings object with default options

Member Function Documentation

void pdftron::PDF::TextSettings::EmbedFonts ( bool  embed)

Sets whether fonts should be embedded. This will generally increase the size of the file, but will make the file appear the same on different machines. Font embedding is off by default.

embedif true all fonts will be embedded.
void pdftron::PDF::TextSettings::SubsetFonts ( bool  subset)

Sets whether embedded fonts will be subset. This will generally reduce the size of fonts, but will strip font hinting. Subsetting is off by default.

subsetif true all embedded fonts will be subsetted.

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