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pdftron::PDF::OptimizerSettings Class Reference

#include <Optimizer.h>

Public Member Functions

 OptimizerSettings ()
void SetColorImageSettings (const ImageSettings &settings)
void SetGrayscaleImageSettings (const ImageSettings &settings)
void SetMonoImageSettings (const MonoImageSettings &settings)
void SetTextSettings (const TextSettings &settings)
void RemoveCustomEntries (bool should_remove)

Public Attributes

ImageSettings m_color_image_settings
ImageSettings m_grayscale_image_settings
MonoImageSettings m_mono_image_settings
TextSettings m_text_settings
bool m_remove_custom

Detailed Description

A class that stores settings for the optimizer

Definition at line 260 of file Optimizer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::PDF::OptimizerSettings::OptimizerSettings ( )

create an OptimizerSettings object with default options

Member Function Documentation

void pdftron::PDF::OptimizerSettings::RemoveCustomEntries ( bool  should_remove)

Enable or disable removal of custom entries in the PDF. By default custom entries are removed.

should_removeif true custom entries will be removed.
void pdftron::PDF::OptimizerSettings::SetColorImageSettings ( const ImageSettings settings)

updates the settings for color image processing

void pdftron::PDF::OptimizerSettings::SetGrayscaleImageSettings ( const ImageSettings settings)

updates the settings for grayscale image processing

void pdftron::PDF::OptimizerSettings::SetMonoImageSettings ( const MonoImageSettings settings)

updates the settings for monochrome image processing

void pdftron::PDF::OptimizerSettings::SetTextSettings ( const TextSettings settings)

updates the settings for text processing

Member Data Documentation

ImageSettings pdftron::PDF::OptimizerSettings::m_color_image_settings

Definition at line 294 of file Optimizer.h.

ImageSettings pdftron::PDF::OptimizerSettings::m_grayscale_image_settings

Definition at line 295 of file Optimizer.h.

MonoImageSettings pdftron::PDF::OptimizerSettings::m_mono_image_settings

Definition at line 296 of file Optimizer.h.

bool pdftron::PDF::OptimizerSettings::m_remove_custom

Definition at line 298 of file Optimizer.h.

TextSettings pdftron::PDF::OptimizerSettings::m_text_settings

Definition at line 297 of file Optimizer.h.

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