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UI components

PDFTron SDK provides various UI components to make a large degree of customization available to the user.

Viewer UI component configuration in Xamarin.Android

This tutorial only applies to Xamarin.Android.

The highly configurable all-in-one document reader and PDF editor that comes with the PDFTron Android SDK is composed of Material Design UI components that are available in the tools package. These components can be used as part of your application to create customizable UI that interact with the document viewer. A visual reference for these components is shown below:

components overview
KeyUI ComponentDescription
1PDFViewCtrl PDFViewCtrl is a ViewGroup that can be embedded in any layout. It encapsulates a rich set of functionalities for interactive viewing of documents
2Text search Search text in a document
3Share documentShare a document from your app
4View mode dialog Allows users to: pick page presentation mode, select page color mode, rotate pages, and crop pages
Crop pages dialog Manually or automatically crop pages in a document
Reflow Extract the reflowable layout of each page in a document to an HTML file
5Add pages dialog Add new pages to an existing document or create a new document with new pages
Rotate pages dialog Rotate pages of the opened document by 90, 180 and 270 degrees
6Thumbnail browser Edit pages of a document including add, remove, re-arrange, rotate and duplicate pages
7Page slider A LinearLayout that contains an AppCompatSeekBar to change pages
8List container A horizontal layout to display the Annotation list, Document outline, and User-defined bookmark list in separate tabs
Annotation list Shows a list of all annotations in a document
Document outline Shows a document outline (PDF Bookmark) that can be used to navigate the document
User bookmark list Shows a list of user-defined bookmarks that can be used to navigate the document
9Annotation toolbar A toolbar consisting of various annotation creation tools
10Quick menu A convenient annotation popup menu that appears when a user long-presses on a blank space or on text
11Annotation style editor Displays annotation style properties in a bottom sheet for the user to edit

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