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Convert to PDF

PDFTron SDK allows you to convert non-pdf documents such as office and image files to PDF documents.

Convert to PDF in Xamarin.iOS

This tutorial only applies to Xamarin.iOS. See Xamarin.Android equivalent here.
Saving annotations back to non-PDF formats is not supported. You can instead save the annotated PDFDoc to a PDF file.

PDFTron has a powerful conversion system which allows you to convert many file formats to PDF. The PTConvert class handles the conversion process and supports the following file types:

  • Office files: .docx, .pptx, .xlsx, .doc (with the office conversion Add-On module)
  • Images: .bmp, .jpg, .tif, .png, .gif
  • Image collections (zip archives with any type of image listed above)
  • Markdown files: .md (with the office conversion Add-On module)

Open a non-PDF file

The simplest way to convert and view any file format that PDFTron supports is to use the PTDocumentController (or PTTabbedDocumentViewController) method openDocumentWithURL:. This method supports local files, files opened from remote cloud services and "raw" http URLs.

Convert a non-PDF file

Another way is to convert a file with the Convert class's StreamingPDFConversion(String, ConversionOptions) method. The following code shows how to convert a non-PDF file using PDFTron's internal conversion:

var documentConversion = Convert.StreamingPDFConversion("my_file_path", null);
var pdfDoc = documentConversion.GetDoc();

The result of the conversion will be contained in the provided PTPDFDoc, which can then be displayed.

Convert other non-PDF files

In addition to the file types supported by PDFTron's internal conversion, it is also possible to convert many other file types with an iOS-specific API. The PTConvert class's +convertOfficeToPDF:paperSize:completion: method can convert any file type supported by WKWebView to PDF. Some of the supported file types include:

  • iWork files: .pages, .key, .numbers
  • Binary office files: .doc, .ppt, .xls
  • Rich Text Format files: .rtf

The following code shows how to convert a file with the iOS-specific API:

pdftronprivate.PTConvert.ConvertOfficeToPDF("", CGSize.Empty, (pathToPDF) => { 
    if (pathToPDF == null) {
        // Failed to convert HTML to PDF.
    var dirs = NSSearchPath.GetDirectories(NSSearchPathDirectory.DocumentDirectory, NSSearchPathDomain.User, false);
    var documentDirectory = dirs[0];

    var urlToPdf = new NSUrl(pathToPDF);
    var destinationURL = (new NSUrl(documentDirectory)).Append(urlToPdf.LastPathComponent, false);

    NSError error = null;
    var result = NSFileManager.DefaultManager.Copy(urlToPdf, destinationURL, out error);
    if (!result) {
        // Failed to copy PDF to persistent location.

    // Do something with PDF output.

Convert HTML to PDF

Please see this guide about Web/HTML to PDF.

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