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Registry access in the demo version

While you try out PDFTron SDK without a license key, it is running in demo mode. One side effect of this is that your application will need read/write access to the registry. The licensed version does not have this requirement. This is typically a problem only when you run an app using the demo version, in an environment with restricted permissions, such as when developing a Windows service or a server application.

No restrictions in the licensed version
The demo version is not intended for use on production environments. The licensed product does not require registry access to work.

The demo version has been used on servers with tight security by modifying a config xml file that controls security settings or using 'Code Access Security Policy' tool. For more info please see:

When running in a server context, you may encounter the following error if registry access is not available to the application.
Error: The evaluation version encountered an error in your system configuration. Please contact customer support at: No reg. write rights

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