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Adding walkthrough or product tour in WebViewer

WebViewer Walkthrough is a package that allows you to create step-by-step walkthroughs or tutorials in WebViewer.

Left panel data element

linkCreate a walkthrough


To create the walkthrough, ensure that you also have @pdftron/webviewer-walkthrough installed by running npm i @pdftron/webviewer-walkthrough. Then import the package and destructure the initializeWalkthrough function.

import WebViewer from '@pdftron/webviewer';
import { initializeWalkthrough } from '@pdftron/webviewer-walkthrough';

linkDefine steps

Create an array of Step objects that contain the follow keys:

  • dataElement: The UI element where you want to get the user's attention
  • header (optional): The header text that is rendered in the pop-up
  • text: The descriptive text that is rendered in the pop-up
const steps = [
    dataElement: 'leftPanelButton',
    header: 'Page Thumbnails',
    text: 'You can see all of the page thumbnails here.'
    dataElement: 'pageNavOverlay',
    text: 'Navigate pages'

To find the correct dataElement please refer to the guide about how to show/hide elements.

linkInitialize the walkthrough

Once you have an array of Step objects defined, call initializeWalkthrough function with the following parameters:

  • viewerElement: The same element that WebViewer is mounted on (i.e. the second argument to the WebViewer constructor)
  • steps: The array of Step objects defined above
  • callback: An onComplete callback function that is invoked upon completion of all the steps
  • options: An object that customizes the pop-up, see the section Customizing the steps
).then((instance) => {
  const { start, exit } = initializeWalkthrough(
    () => {
      console.log('tutorial complete...');

linkStart the walkthrough

The initializeWalkthrough resolves to an object containing two functions: start and exit. start function begins the walkthrough and exit ends the walkthrough when invoked. The walkthrough can also be terminated by the user via the X button in the top-right corner of any pop-up.


linkCustomizing the steps

You can customize the appearance of the card as well, by passing options object containing colors:

const options = {
  focusColor: '#FA4E32',
  backgroundColor: '#FA4E32',
  headerColor: '#36110B',
  textColor: '#1F0D06',
  iconColor: '#fff'
const { start, exit } = initializeWalkthrough(
  // First 3 arguments


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