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True PDF Redaction using JavaScript

Redaction is a form of editing where information is permanently removed from a document. This is typically used to remove classified information so confidential documents can be distributed.

PDF redaction offers options to remove (not just cover or obscure) content within a region of PDF. With printed pages, redaction involves blacking-out or cutting-out areas of the printed page. With electronic documents that use formats such as PDF, redaction typically involves removing sensitive content within documents for safe distribution to courts, patent and government institutions, the media, customers, vendors or any other audience with restricted access to the content.

Redaction consists of two steps:

  1. Marking content (text, images, or pages) for redaction using redact annotations. This creates a rectangle around the content to be removed and hovering over the redaction will show what it will look like when it's applied.
  2. Applying redactions to remove information. Typically, a black rectangle is used to cover up the redacted area but this can be configured to another color or to show overlay text. This step is irreversible and the content is permanently removed.
Redactions need to be applied for the content to be removed. Even if a redaction annotation obscures text from being viewed, it's still possible to get access to the information behind the redaction.

linkGet started

Setup WebViewer for redaction
To setup Webviewer to create and apply redactions.

Create marked content to be redacted
To create marked content to be removed for redaction.

Redact from a PDF document
To redact content from a PDF document.

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