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Lower level document APIs

It's common to use the built in WebViewer UI to view and interact with documents, however it's also possible to load documents and render pages without using the UI. By using the lower level Document class, you can load documents in memory and have full control over how the pages are laid out, or use non-viewing APIs like extracting text.

linkCreate documents

Different types of documents require different steps to be created, but in general they all share the following steps:

Below are some examples to creating commonly used documents:

Create XOD document
To create a XOD document.

Create PDF document
To create a PDF document.

Create an Office document
To create an Office document.

linkRender pages

After the document has been created, use the loadCanvasAsync API to render a page on a canvas. You have full control of how the pages are rendered by passing different values to this API.

  pageIndex: 0, // Render the first page
  zoom: 1, // 100% zoom level
  pageRotation: CoreControls.PageRotation.e_0, // 0 degree rotation
  drawComplete: canvas => {
    // The canvas that contains the first page

linkLoad page text

Text extraction
To extract text in the document without rendering it using loadPageText API.

linkMore APIs

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Create documents
Render pages
Load page text
More APIs

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