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Modifying WebViewer Server

It's possible to perform internal changes to WebViewer Server, though we do not recommend it. You may wish to do this if our options do not expose a particular configuration setting, such as the maximum allowed threads in Tomcat. You can do so by calling our Docker image and performing actions on top of it inside of a Dockerfile, then building and running this Dockerfile.

FROM pdftron/webviewer-server:latest
COPY myfile.txt /

docker build -t webviewer .

docker run webviewer

The important paths within the server image are as follows:

/usr/local/apache-tomcat: This is the server which hosts the WebViewer Server code, it is where the bulk of work occurs.

/usr/local/apache-tomcat/conf: This is the main configuration directory for tomcat, within you'll find 3 configuration files - server.xml, web.xml and context.xml. You may change this but do so at your own risk as we have configured these files specifically for WebViewer Server.

/usr/local/apache-tomcat/static_data: This is where we store WebViewer Server's cache.

/usr/local/apache-tomcat/internal_data/: Where temporary data is stored, mainly used by PDFTron core for memory swaps.

When WebViewer Server starts, it executes a script located in /usr/local/apache-tomcat/bin/, this file is responsible for keeping Tomcat running inside of the container.

For more information on configuring Tomcat, you can refer to their available guide for Tomcat 9

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