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Retrieving Information about your Container

linkHow do I get the logs for my WebViewer Server?

These logs are on the container in /usr/local/apache-tomcat/logs, you can copy them from the container by finding the ID of the container and then calling copy on the container's log directory.

docker ps ## get container ID
docker cp container_id:/usr/local/apache-tomcat/logs ./mylogs

The files will be copied to the mylogs folder on your local system.

Alternatively, you may retrieve the logs from Docker directly by calling this command and viewing the result:

docker inspect --format='{{.LogPath}}' containername/var/lib/docker/containers/f844a7b45ca5a9589ffaa1a5bd8dea0f4e79f0e2ff639c1d010d96afb4b53334/f844a7b45ca5a9589ffaa1a5bd8dea0f4e79f0e2ff639c1d010d96afb4b53334-json.log

If using the Windows installer, these logs will be available in your install directory under installdir/apache-tomcat/logs/*.

linkHow do I find the version of WebViewer Server?

If you refer to the logs, it should be present there as an entry:

INFO: {"PDFNet_version":7.0172545,"num_cpu":8,"os_arch":"amd64","os_name":"Linux","os_version":"5.2.14-arch2-1-ARCH","server_version":"1.4.0","total_memory":481.5}

If you cannot see the start of the logs, you can also go to the demo application on the server at server-link/demo?s and select the Server Info button to see the version.

linkMy server crashed, what information is useful?

In order to help diagnose crashing issues, providing us more information is always helpful. There are 4 places data can be retrieved to help diagnose it better.

  1. The logs as specified above
  2. The version as specified above
  3. hs_err_pid files from within the container if available, at the path /usr/local/apache-tomcat
  4. Any files within the /usr/local/apache-tomcat/static_data cache relating to the file that failed, including the file itself.

Even if the container shuts down, it's possible to copy data or start up the container again.

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