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PNaCl modules can only be used on the open web

PNaCl modules can only be used on the open web

WebViewer provides PNaCl, WebAssembly and asm.js modules to allow for client side rendering of documents in many different browsers. Chrome is the only browser that supports PNaCl and as of Chrome 82 they have removed support for PNaCl modules.

Below is the error message you might see in the browser console in Chrome 76:

PNaCl disabled

In this case WebViewer will automatically use the WebAssembly module so there won't be any problems loading documents. It is safe to ignore this error or you can force WebAssembly to be the default choice so that the error doesn't appear.

Note that in WebViewer 7.0 and higher PNaCl is no longer included so WebAssembly will automatically be used as the default.

Ignore the error

As mentioned, WebViewer will automatically use WebAssembly so documents will continue to load without issues. You can safely ignore this error.

Hide the error

To force WebAssembly to be the default choice you can pass the constructor option backendType: 'ems' to WebViewer. This will force WebViewer to choose the WebAssembly or asm.js module and the error won't appear.

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