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Version 8.9.0 Changelog (2022-09-30)

WebViewer Core


  • Added new methods to the SignatureCreateTool to add initials alongside signatures. New methods include the capability to add a separate drawing canvas for initials, as well as methods to add initials, save initials, as well as import and and export initials.
  • Added new method (DocumentViewer.startSemanticDiff) to start a semantic diff comparison between two DocumentViewer instances.
  • Added DICOM extension to SERVER namesace
  • Added allowUseOfOptimizedThumbnail parameter to loadCanvas function to control whether optimized thumbnails were allowed to be returned
  • Added aria-checked variable to checkbox elements
  • Added linearizedUpdate to pagesUpdated event in order to allow users to determine if the event was fired from a linearized document being downloaded.
  • Added the setSelectionModelPaddingHandler API on the SelectModel Class. When called with the proper function it will set a padding for the selection box of the annotations.


  • Fixed bug where unselecting a form creation tool will end the form creation mode
  • Fixed issue where errors would show up in the console after modifying an image and then hovering over the page
  • Fixed issue where WebViewer would throw an error if an line measurement annotation with no caption is copied
  • Fixed issue where TextAlign Justify on FreeText annotation not generating appearance
  • Fixed issue where rotated annotations are unable to be resized/refit
  • Fixed the issue that when dragging an annotation with link to a different page, the annotation does not retain the link
  • Fixed issue with some rich text style not applying correctly for certain aligment
  • Fixed issue that vertical text align causing text to disappear when using rotation
  • Fixed the issue of setCustomFontURL on legacy Office documents.
  • Fixed issue where the initial doc is a PNG file and the download right after the document has loaded was not working.
  • Fixed bug where FreeText would rotate incorrectly if fitText was called immediately after changing the annotation.
  • Fixed bug where creating FreeText on Android would close the keyboard immediately
  • Fixed issue where extra space is added when opening docx file
  • Fixed annotations not saving on Image Documents in Multi-Tab mode
  • Fixed issue with invalid default scale values on tools (please clear your cache first)

WebViewer UI


  • Added Multi-Viewer mode (UI.Feature.MultiViewerMode) that enables 2 DocumentViewers at the same time, side by side
  • Added text compare functionality for Multi-Viewer Mode which compares differences in each document's text content. Note that fullAPI: true must be enabled.
  • Added search and replace text feature. The feature UI.Feature.ContentEdit must be enabled.
  • Added the capability to flag signature widgets as accepting Initials or Signatures using the Form Builder. Based on this the UI will use either initials or signatures when going through the signing flow. You must enable UI.Feature.Initials.
  • Added new flow to add Initials to signature widgets. Revamped the signature modal to allow adding initials alongside signatures.
  • Added the ability to add file attachments to replies in notes panel.
  • Added Form Field Indicators to help navigate and guide users through the process of form filling.
  • Added Insert Text tool and Replace Text tool in the Annotation tool group
  • Added font family styles support for text signatures in the the signature panel
  • Added optional numbering of annotations (that shows up in the notes panel) to easily refer to a specific annotation. Use enableAnnotationNumbering: true in the constructor.
  • Made sure that the outlines panel rerenders when the event outlinesBookmarkChanged is triggered
  • Added a modal that shows up in multi-tab mode when closing a tab if there are unsaved changes, prompting the user to confirm if they wish to close the tab before downloading the document.
  • Added a new landing page if there are no tabs open in multi-tab mode, prompting users to open a file through a file picker or by dragging & dropping a file.
  • Updated the behaviour of panels state when the multi-tab mode is active. The panels will remain open/closed regardless of the tabs changing, updating their content for the currently loaded document.
  • Updated the behaviour of selected tool when the multi-tab mode is active. The selected tool will remain active even if the user switches between tabs.
  • Changed the setZoomStepFactors to take the same unit as other related APIs.
  • Added APIs to toggle whether or not Form Field Indicators should be shown.
  • Added enableAttachmentPreview and disableAttachmentPreview API to enable or disable preview of attachments
  • Updated the top-right menu to be a hamburger button on the top-left of the Header
  • Made it possible to disable the Update Scale button from the Scale Modal


  • Fixed issue with text editing font color
  • Fixed the bug which the initialDoc was not being loaded case we add tabs later
  • Fixed the bug of setActive parameter on the addTab method of TabManager
  • Fixed bug where getSelectedPageNumbers was returning empty array when turning off multi-select in the thumbnail panel
  • Fixed the missing placeholder in PageRedaction Modal
  • Fixed rich-text editor issue of deleting text
  • Fixed an issue where the Replace page workflow using the file picker in the page manipulation overlay was not working when in multi-tab mode.
  • Fixed issue where users were not able to open a file using file picker, close it and reopen it again.
  • Fixed custom stamp modal to show a scrollbar earlier at smaller heights
  • Fixed a bug where StylePopup input changes were not saved
  • Fixed issue where switching tabs in MultiTab mode was not saving Form Fields
  • Fixed issue where scrolling didn't work when in zoomed-in page-by-page mode

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