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Version Changelog (May 5, 2021)


Release Date: May 5, 2021


This release of PDFTron's Tools SDK for UWP adds the following new dependencies:

Breaking Changes

  • [tools] AnnotationList control: property name change

New Features

Lasso PDF Annotation Selection Tool

Multi-selection Lasso Tool allows to precisely select different objects on a PDF page

Multi-selection Lasso Tool

Text Link Annotation

Now it is possible to add Hyperlinks and GoTo Page action to the selected text

Text Link Annotation

Multi-language support for UWP Controls

Now the PDFTron's UWP Tools SDK supports 6 new languages: German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese


The code snippet below demonstrate how to set the language in the UWP App's constructor:

public App()

    // Set language to Simplified Chinese
    Windows.Globalization.ApplicationLanguages.PrimaryLanguageOverride = "zh-CN";


  • [pdf] Added PDF Text Difference - compare text differences between two PDF documents
  • [pdf] Exposed internal PDFViewCtrl's ScrollViewer
  • [tools] Added Text Link Annotation
  • [tools] Added Multi-selection Lasso tool to the annotation toolbar
  • [tools] Ink / Freehand annotation now supports page scrolling while annotating
  • [tools] [control] Added multi-language support: German, French, Simplified Chinese, Portugues, Spanish and Italian
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Updated UI of the Outline / Side panel
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Added ability to export XFDF (PDF Annotations)
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Improved loading time performance by not loading not used UI Elements
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Added option to switch between different tab scrolling mode
  • [tools] [control] Thumbnails Viewer: UI/Style Improvements
  • [tools] [control] Thumbnails Viewer: user protected PDF document can now be merged as long password is provided
  • [tools] [control] Signature Dialog: UI/Style Improvements and added the options to display full screen or compact dialog
  • [tools] [control] PopupCommandMenu: UI Updated by replacing texts by icons
  • [tools] [control] Overall UI/Style improvements
  • [tools] [utility] Added PDFDocCreator to allow the creation of formatted lined, dotted, music, isometric, and graph PDF page types.
  • [tools] [dependency] Added Win2D.uwp v1.25.0
  • [tools] [dependency] Added System.Security.Cryptography.ProtectedData v5.0.0
  • [tools] [analytics] Added AppCenter support
  • [tools] [resources] Updated glyph-icon.ttf with new icons

Bug Fixes

  • [pdf] PDFPrintManager - fixed issue where standard custom page range/filter would not work
  • [tools] Measurement Tools: Fixed visibility of the feedback value while editing area or perimeter
  • [tools] Measurement Tools: Fixed wrong math for the Area Measurement Tool
  • [tools] AdvancedShapeCreate: Fixed exception when CommitAnnotation() is called too many times
  • [tools] Fixed an exception in AnnotEditGroupCreate.PointerReleasedHandler()
  • [tools] ImageStamper: Fixed unhandled exceptions
  • [tools] [control] Annotation Toolbar: Fixed improper switch of tools after using Undo or Redo when Continuous Annotation is activated
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Fixed Pin/Unpin command bar
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Fixed resize crash what would happen when Screen resolution is set to 125% or greater
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Fixed exception when using Ctrl+W to close tabs
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Adjusted the Zoom level when opening a new document
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Fixed Auto-Save calls not working properly
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Fixed to allow moving sticky note and advanced shape annotations on touch devices
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Fixed opening new document on the tab view control
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Fixed issue with shortcuts not working properly
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Fixed issue when adding password protection and protected doc not opening back in the viewer
  • [tools] [control] ViewerControl: Fixed Opening PDF and Converting PDF dialogs in Dark Mode
  • [tools] [control] Reflow: fixed Pin/Unpin Command Bar not being displayed on touch devices


New enum: ExternalAnnotManagerMode

New Methods

  • PDFDoc.AppendTextDiff(Page^, Page^)
  • PDFDoc.AppendTextDiff(PDFDoc^, PDFDoc^)
  • PDFViewCtrl.GetScrollViewer()
  • PDFViewCtrl.CanUndo()
  • PDFViewCtrl.CanRedo()
  • PDFViewCtrl.EnableExternalAnnotManager(String, ExternalAnnotManagerMode)
  • OfficeToPDFOptions.GetApplyPageBreaksToSheet()
  • OfficeToPDFOptions.SetApplyPageBreaksToSheet()
  • OfficeToPDFOptions.GetExcelMaxAllowedCellCount()
  • OfficeToPDFOptions.SetExcelMaxAllowedCellCount()
  • OfficeToPDFOptions.GetTemplateParamsJson()
  • OfficeToPDFOptions.SetTemplateParamsJson()
  • OfficeToPDFOptions.GetDisplayChangeTracking()
  • OfficeToPDFOptions.SetDisplayChangeTracking()
  • OfficeToPDFOptions.GetLocale()
  • OfficeToPDFOptions.SetLocale(String)

New APIs - Tools Package SDK

New enum: PaperType

New class: GridLengthToDoubleConverter

New class: LightColorToThicknessConverter

New class: PaperTypeHolder

New class: LassoCreate

New class: PasswordCancelCommand

New class: PasswordChangedCommand

New class: PasswordEnteredCommand

New class: PasswordKeyDownCommand

New class: PasswordKeyUpCommand

New class: FlipViewIndicator

New class: TextLinkDialog

New interface: IPasswordUserControl

New class: PdfPasswordUserControl

New class: PdfPasswordViewModel

New class: TextLinkViewModel

New class: DataProtection

New class: DispatcherTaskExtensions

  • New Method: static async Task<T> RunTaskAsync<T>(CoreDispatcher, Func<Task<T>>, CoreDispatcherPriority)
  • New Method: static async Task RunTaskAsync(CoreDispatcher, Func<Task>, CoreDispatcherPriority)

New class: AppCenterHandlerBase

  • New Method: public virtual void SendEvent(string)
  • New Method: public virtual void SendEvent(string, IDictionary<string,string>)
  • New Method: public virtual void SendEvent(ToolType, IDictionary<string,string>)

New class: PDFDocCreator

  • New Method: static PDFDoc Create(PaperType, double, double, int)

New Methods

  • SignagureDialog.SignatureDialog(bool)

New Properties

  • AnnotationCommandBar.InkMultiStroke
  • TabControlViewModel.TabViewWidthMode
  • ViewerSettings.SaveCopyExplained
  • ViewerSettings.RedactionExplained
  • ViewerSettings.TabScrolling
  • ViewerSettings.SignatureFullScreenOption
  • ToolManager.IsSignatureDialogFullScreen
  • AnnotationToolbarBase.IsLassoToolButtonVisible
  • AnnotationToolbarViewMode.IsLassoToolButtonVisible

New language resources


  • strings\pt-BR\Printing.resw
  • strings\pt-BR\Resources.resw


  • strings\fr-FR\Printing.resw
  • strings\fr-FR\Resources.resw


  • strings\zh-CN\Printing.resw
  • strings\zh-CN\Resources.resw


  • strings\de-DE\Printing.resw
  • strings\de-DE\Resources.resw


  • strings\es-ES\Printing.resw
  • strings\es-ES\Resources.resw


  • strings\it-IT\Printing.resw
  • strings\it-IT\Resources.resw

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