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Version 8.1.1 Changelog (February 17, 2021)


Release Date: February 17, 2021


This release of PDFTron's SDK for UWP adds Microsoft WinUI 2 library as a dependency of the UWP Tools SDK.

linkBreaking Changes

  • [tools] [resources] All converters moved to pdftron.PDF.Tools.Converters namespace
  • [tools] [resources] All command events moved to pdftron.PDF.Tools.Commands.Events namespace
  • [tools] [dependency] Removed pdftron.UWP.Common.dll as a dependency

linkChanged Behavior

  • [tools] [control] AnnotationCommandBar default height changed from 48px to 40px

linkNew Features

linkMeasurement tools: Ruler, Area and Perimeter

Note: when editing area or perimeter a feedback value is displayed while dragging a vertice

Area Tool
  • When editing ruler annotation is possible to calibrate it in order to change it's value and measurement unit
Ruler Tool

linkArea and Text Redaction

Note: Area Redaction allows to add an overlay text on the redacted region


linkNew Viewer Control

Note: for more information on how to implement the Viewer Control please follow the guide here...

Viewer Control


  • [pdf] Added PDFDoc generator which allow to create Blank, Grid, Lined, Graph, Music, Dotted, and Isometric paper type
  • [pdf] Added capability of applying OCR XML and JSON data to PDF
  • [tools] Added RulerCreate / Ruler Annotation and Calibration feature
  • [tools] Added AreaCreate / Area Annotation
  • [tools] Added PerimeterCreate / Perimeter Annotation
  • [tools] Added vertices editing for Advanced Shapes: Polygon, Polyline, Cloud, Area and Perimeter annotations.
  • [tools] Added Area Redaction
  • [tools] Added Text Redaction
  • [tools] Marquee Zoom: Added missing property to Enable or Disable it on AnnotationToolbar
  • [tools] [control] Added CropPopupControl
  • [tools] [control] Added CustomColorPopupControl
  • [tools] [control] Added OptimizePopupControl
  • [tools] [control] Added PasswordPopupControl
  • [tools] [control] Added QuickSettingsControl
  • [tools] [control] Added ViewerControl
  • [tools] [control] Thumbnail Viewer: added duplicate page command to the overlay page commands
  • [tools] [control] Annotation Toolbar: Added Save option after adding an advanced shape considering the min points for polygon (3 pts) and polyline (2 pts)
  • [tools] [control] Added FindTextDialog
  • [tools] [control] Added OutlineDialog
  • [tools] [control] Added PDFViewCtrlTabButtonControl
  • [tools] [control] Added PDFViewCtrlTabControl
  • [tools] [control] Added SaveAsNotification
  • [tools] [control] Updated UI design of AnnotationPropertyDialog
  • [tools] [utility] Added WindowsInfo as a helper class when using adaptive code
  • [tools] [utility] Added MeasureUtils as a helper class when working with measurements tools
  • [tools] [resources] Added glyph-icon.ttf with new icons design
  • [tools] [dependency] Added Microsoft.UI.Xaml v2.5.0 (WinUI 2.5)

linkBug Fixes

  • [tools] Fixed crash when using FreeHand annotation with mouse and pen/stylus
  • [tools] Fixed Marquee Tool not returning to Pan if setting is enabled
  • [tools] Added Adaptive Code for old Windows SDK versions (FreeText and AnnotEdit)
  • [tools] Fixed Polygon not adding filling color on creation
  • [tools] Fixed Signature dialog hang if no signature was inserted
  • [tools] Fixed annotation tool not properly switching between main and secondary menu on the annotation toolbar when resizing app
  • [tools] Removed SelectionFlyout popup from RichText when editing FreeText annotation for not being supported
  • [tools] Fixed crash when using AdvancedShapeCreate and a tentative of creation happens when no points have been selected
  • [tools] Fixed missing fill color when creating Polygon, Cloud and Area annot
  • [tools] [control] Fixed ThumbnailItem missing IsConvert property binding issue
  • [tools] [control] Fixed ThumbnailItem missing IsConvert property binding issue

linkNew APIs - PDF SDK

New class: PDFDocGenerator

  • New method: static PDFDoc GenerateBlankPaperDoc(double, double, double, double, double)
  • New method: static PDFDoc GenerateGridPaperDoc(double, double, double, double, double red, double, double, double, double, double)
  • New method: static PDFDoc GenerateLinedPaperDoc(double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double)
  • New method: static PDFDoc GenerateGraphPaperDoc(double, double, double, double, double, int, double, double, double, double, double, double)
  • New method: static PDFDoc GenerateMusicPaperDoc(double, double, double, int, double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double)
  • New method: static PDFDoc GenerateDottedPaperDoc(double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double)
  • New method: static PDFDoc GenerateIsometricDottedPaperDoc(double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double)

New class: OCRModule

  • void OCRModule.ApplyOCRJsonToPDF(PDFDoc, string)
  • void OCRModule.ApplyOCRXmlToPDF(PDFDoc, string)

linkNew APIs - Tools Package SDK

New class: RectRedactionCreate

New class: TextRedactionCreate

New interface: IMeasure

New enum: PageUnit

New enum: MeasureInfoType

New class: MeasureInfo

New class: MeasureInfoGroup

New class: MeasureUtils

  • New method: static void SetMeasurementInfo(IAnnot, IMeasure)
  • New method: static void LoadMeasureInfoToObj(Obj, IMeasure)
  • New method: static MeasureInfoGroup GetAnnotMeasureInfo(IAnnot)
  • New method: static MeasureInfo GetMeasureIngo(Obj)
  • New method: static bool IsRulerMeasure(IAnnot)
  • New method: static bool IsAreaMeasure(IAnnot)
  • New method: static bool IsPerimeterMeasure(IAnnot)
  • New method: static string GetIT(IAnnot)
  • New method: static string ConvertToFinalVal(double, string, string, string, string, string)
  • New method: static double ConvScaleToPDFFactor(PageUnit, ToolType, string, string)
  • New method: static double ConvStrToPDFPrecision(string)
  • New method: static string ConvPDFPrecisionToStr(double)
  • New method: static PageUnit GetPageUnitFromString(string)
  • New method: static string FormatDecimals(double, string)
  • New method: static double CalcPerimeter(List<Point>)
  • New method: static double CalcArea(List<Point>)
  • New method: static void UpdateAreaAnnot(Annots.Polygon)
  • New method: static void UpdatePerimeterAnnot(Annots.PolyLine)

New class: RulerCreate

New class: AreaMeasureCreate

New class: PerimeterMeasureCreate

New class: AnnotEditAdvancedShape

New class: WindowsInfo

  • New method: static WindowsInfo RetrieveApiInfo()

New enum: Build

New class: BooleanToBackgroundColorConverter

New class: BooleanToBrushConverter

New class: BooleanToMarginConverter

New class: BooleanToMaxLengthConverter

New class: BooleanToMaxWidthConverter

New class: BooleanToOpacityConverter

New class: BooleanToOpacityParamConverter

New class: BooleanToThicknessConverter

New class: DoubleToPointLabelConverter

New class: DoubleToThicknessConverter

New class: EmptyOrNullToVisibilityConverter

New class: EnumToBooleanConverter

New class: EnumToOpacityConverter

New class: IconToCustomUnicodeConverter

New class: IntEnumToBooleanConverter

New class: IntEnumToVisibilityConverter

New class: InverseBooleanToIntParameterConverter

New class: NotNullToBooleanConverter

New class: NotNullToVisibilityConverter

New class: RatioToPercentageConverter

New class: RatioToPercentageLabelConverter

New class: ReverseBooleanToBackgroundOpacityConverter

New class: ReverseBooleanToThicknessConverter

New class: ReverseSelectedToOpacityConverter

New class: SelectedIconToCustomUnicodeConverter

New class: SelectedToOpacityConverter

New class: StringToResourceConverter

New class: ThicknessToHalfPointConverter

New class: ToolTypeToBooleanConverter

New class: GreaterThanToOpacityConverter

New class: NumberToColumnNameConverter

New class: static DependencyObjectExtensions

New class: AsyncCommand

New class: AsyncCommandBase

New interface: IAsyncCommand

New class: NotifyTaskCompletion<TResult>

New class: RelayCommand<T>

New class: CheckedCommand

New class: CloseRequestedCommand

New class: FlyoutClosedCommand

New class: FlyoutOpenedCommand

New class: ItemClickCommand

New class: KeyDownCommand

New class: KeyUpCommand

New class: LoadedCommand

New class: LostFocusCommand

New class: PasswordChangedCommand

New class: PointerContactCommand

New class: PointerPressedCommand

New class: RightTappedCommand

New class: SelectionChangedCommand

New class: SizeChangedCommand

New class: TappedCommand

New class: TextChangedCommand

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