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iOS PDF Viewer Library

The viewer is a viewing and rasterization scroll view component that handles a number of viewing operations including rendering, caching, high level zoom rendering and layout modes.

Viewing represents reading a document and displaying it as the author intended. Through the process of rasterization, it can take document data and convert it into pixels that come together to be rendered on a display.

PDFTron SDK offers the following benefits:

  • Interactive PDF Viewing or Rasterization
  • Full transparency support (Transparency Groups, Soft Masks, including all supported Blend Modes)
  • Core viewing operations (scrolling, panning, zooming, jumping to pages)
  • Standard & custom page viewing modes (e.g. single, facing, cover, scrolling, fit-page, fit-width, etc.)
  • Extensive support for PDF forms & digital signatures
  • Extensive annotation & real-time collaboration support
  • Regex text search across a page or an entire document
  • Manipulate pages (rotate, crop, move, copy/export, delete, merge documents)
  • View PDF separations
  • Easy navigation (with thumbnails, bookmarks, links, and history)
  • Selective viewing and hiding of contents in different layers (OCGs)
  • Security settings (custom encryption & DRM controls, dynamic watermarks)
  • PDF/A viewing mode
  • Support for R2L (Right to Left) languages (e.g. Arabic, Hebrew, etc)
  • Keyboard shortcuts

More features:

  • PDF Image Export (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP)
  • Advanced image quality and compression settings controlling the rasterization process, allowing the user to choose between the output image quality and rendering speed
  • Reflow
  • Night, sepia and custom-color mode
  • ICC color management
  • Overprint control & preview
  • Display-list caching (speeding-up viewing of complex documents)
  • Direct & serverless rendering support for PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, XPS, plain-text, mark-down, TIFF, and other image formats
  • PDF package support
  • Pressure-sensitive stylus support
  • Infinite Undo/Redo
  • Text to Speech Support
  • Font-substitution control

Get started

Config viewer
To configure the document viewer for customizations.

Custom viewer
To configure the PTPDFViewCtrl for customizations.

View mode
To change the view display mode such as layout, fit, reflow.

Scroll direction
To change the scroll direction by setting the page presentation mode.

To change the color mode presentation to assistance in document readability/accessibility.

Stream PDF
To show a document on-demand as it is partially downloaded providing a fast and responsive viewing experience.

To convert between PDF page and screen coordinates.

An introduction to localization and translation resources.

Keyboard shortcuts
An list of keyboard shortcuts for document navigation and interaction (scroll, zoom, delete annotation, etc.).

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