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Keyboard shortcutskeyboard_arrow_down

Keyboard shortcuts

Previous PageLeft Arrow (or Shift + Space)
Next PageRight Arrow (or Space)
Go To First Page⌘← or ⌘↑Command-Left Arrow (or Command-Up Arrow)
Go To Last Page⌘→ or ⌘↓Command-Right Arrow (or Command-Down Arrow)
Scroll UpUp Arrow
Scroll DownDown Arrow
Zoom In⌘=Command-Equals (=)
Zoom Out⌘-Command-Dash (-)
Reset Zoom⌘0Command-0
Single Page⌘2Command-2
Cover Facing⌘4Command-4
Rotate Pages Left⌘LCommand-L
Rotate Pages Right⌘RCommand-R
Go To Page…⌥⌘GCommand-Option-G
Text Search⌘FCommand-F
Delete AnnotationDelete/Backspace
Toggle Annotation Toolbar⇧⌘ACommand-Shift-A
Show Outline⌥⌘3Command-Option-3
Show Annotations⌥⌘4Command-Option-4
Show Bookmarks⌥⌘5Command-Option-5
Show Thumbnails⌥⌘6Command-Option-6

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