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Convert PDF to multiple file types in Android

To convert PDF documents to different format types.

Internet connection is not required for conversion.
Formats include BMP, EMF, JPEG, PNG, TIF, XPS, XOD, SVG, EMF, and more.
PDFDoc doc = new PDFDoc(filename);

// Convert PDF document to SVG
Convert.toSvg(doc, output_filename + ".svg");

// Convert PDF document to XPS
Convert.toXps(filename, output_filename + ".xps");

// Convert PDF document to multipage TIFF
Convert.TiffOutputOptions tiff_options = new Convert.TiffOutputOptions();
Convert.toTiff(filename, output_filename + ".tiff", tiff_options);

// Convert PDF to XOD
Convert.toXod(filename, output_filename + ".xod");

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