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Icon cheat sheet

RectangleAdd a rectangle
EllipseAdd an ellipse
PolylineAdd a polyline
PolygonAdd a polygon
CloudAdd a cloud
LineAdd a line
ArrowAdd an arrow
RulerAdd a ruler
Free textType on the document
CalloutFree text with arrows
NoteAdd a comment
InkDraw on the document
EraserErase ink stroke
SignatureAdd a signature
Image stampAdd an image stamp
Rubber stampAdd a rubber stamp
SearchSearch text on internet
Free highlighterHighlight anything
HighlightHighlight text
UnderlineUnderline text
SquigglyAdd a squiggly annotation
StrikeoutStrike out text
SoundAdd a sound annotation
File attachmentAdd a file attachment annotation
Text fieldAdd a text form field widget
Checkbox fieldAdd a checkbox form field widget
Group selectSelects multiple annotations
PanDefault pan tool

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