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chevron_rightDisable PDF editing
chevron_rightDisable all user interaction
chevron_rightDisable annotation creation and editing
chevron_rightDisable other functionality

Actions such as annotation creation, editing, form filling, signing, and link following etc. are enabled by default. It is possible to selectively enable parts of such functionality as well as completely disable all interactive features.

linkDisable PDF editing

To disable PDF editing, such as adding annotations, filling form fields or signing, use ToolManager.setReadOnly(boolean).

where toolManager is the instance of ToolManager.

linkDisable all user interaction

To disable all user interaction on PDFViewCtrl, such as selecting text, selecting annotations, do not associate a ToolManager with a PDFViewCtrl. For example, do not use ToolManagerBuilder to create a ToolManager object.

linkDisable annotation creation and editing

To hide all UI widgets that are associated with creation and editing of a particular annotation type, see: Disable annotation creation and editing.

linkDisable other functionality

To disable functionality that is not directly tied to annotations, see: Disable functionality.