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Adding measurement tools to viewer in Android

By default, creating and editing measurement annotations in the drop-in components DocumentActivity and PdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment2 are automatically enabled unless disabled using ToolManagerBuilder. You can learn more about configuring ToolManager here.

To create a measurement annotations, tap and hold on an area of the PDF without any text or annotations to bring up the long-press quick menu. Then find a group called Measure in the overflow menu.

There are three measurement tools:


linkEnable end point snapping

Snapping is useful when you want to precisely place annotations in documents by snapping them to lines & objects. The point snapping API can be used to easily place annotations to the exact location.

measure snapping

This is disabled by default and can be enabled as follows:



The Calibrate menu option for measurement annotations allows you to determine a PDF's scale, enabling accurate measurements.

measure calibrate

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