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How do I reduce the size of my APK?keyboard_arrow_down

Reduce size of APK

linkConfigure APK splits

To reduce size of APK, you can build multiple APKs for specific ABI. For details about multiple APKs, see Build Multiple APKs. The following code snippet in module-level build.gradle file configures multiple APKs based on ABI.

android {
  splits {

    // Configures multiple APKs based on ABI.
    abi {

      // Enables building multiple APKs per ABI.
      enable true

      // By default all ABIs are included, so use reset() and include to specify that we only
      // want APKs for x86, armeabi-v7a, and mips.

      // Resets the list of ABIs that Gradle should create APKs for to none.

      // Specifies a list of ABIs that Gradle should create APKs for.
      include "x86", "armeabi-v7a"

      // Specifies that we do not want to also generate a universal APK that includes all ABIs.
      universalApk false


linkMin version of the PDFTron Android SDK

The min version of the SDK optimizes the PDFTron libraries for size using the -Os optimization flag (as described here) reducing the AAR sizes.

You can download the Min version of the PDFTron Android SDK from our nightly builds.

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