Namespace: VerificationOptions

UI. VerificationOptions

NOTE: Digital Signature Verification requires the WebViewer Full API


<static> addTrustedCertificates(certificates)

Loads the Public Key Certificates to be used for Digital Signature Verification. The contents of the X.509 Public Key Certificate need to encoded in a binary Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER) format, or in the plaintext Privacy-Enhanced Mail (PEM) format, which includes an appropriate header, Base64 encoded DER representing the public key certificate, and appropriate footer.
Name Type Description
certificates Array.<(string|File|ArrayBuffer|Int8Array|Uint8Array|Uint8ClampedArray)> An array of URLs, and/or instance of the File type, and/or a Binary Array datatype that contain the X.509 Public Key Certificates to be used for validating Digital Signatures on a document.
WebViewer(...).then(async function(instance) {
  const response = await fetch(
  const certificateAsArrayBuffer = await response.arrayBuffer();