Namespace: Search

Core. Search

The namespace containing constants for search related APIs.


<static> Mode

Search modes that control how searching is conducted.
Name Type Description
CASE_SENSITIVE number If set, the found text must match the case of the search term.
WHOLE_WORD number If set, the found text must be a whole word (preceeded and followed by a non-alphabetical character, or in the case of a number, a non-numerical character.
REGEX number If set, the search term will be treated as a regular expression and the results will be text in the document matching that regular expression.
SEARCH_UP number If set, the document pages will be searched in descending order, from bottom to top.
PAGE_STOP number If set, the search will return with a result code of Page at the end of every page. Useful for updating the UI.
HIGHLIGHT number If set, the bounding box the found term will be included. Useful for highlighting text and positioning the page.
AMBIENT_STRING number If set, the characters surrounding the found term will be included. This gives context to the search result may be useful when providing a list of search results.
WILD_CARD number If set, you can use the wildcard character (*) as part of the pattern.

<static> ResultCode

Search result code that indicates the search status.
Name Type Description
DONE number Search has been completed
PAGE number Search on a page has been completed
FOUND number A search result has been found